The True Biography Of Mistress Malice

I Am A Sadistic Dominatrix, Cruel Humiliatrix, Wicked Lifestyle Domina, And Proud Owner Of
Two Livein Slaves. I Have Been Into The Bdsm Lifestyle Since My Early Twenties And I Have
Acquired A Wide Variety Of Evil Bdsm And Fetish Interests And Specialties Since That Time.

Many are curious about the person that is Mistress Malice. Well I will take this moment to explain this creature of intrigue to you. Many think of me as a Sadist. Many would simply call me a bitch. Many would say I am one seriously sick and twisted Woman. Some would even say I am seriously fucked up. You know what? They'd all be right!

As I was born this way I will make no apologies. If you do not like me I frankly don't really give a fuck. I never have, and I likely never will so don't hold your breath. Despite the fact that many proclaim to hate me there are even more of you out there who adore me just the way I am, for I have the power to reach into your mind like no other. Some of you have even admitted that you truly fear me... you must be among the smarter examples of your species. Yet even you who quiver at the thought of serving me want what you're too afraid to touch... A taste of my evil world.

In The Beginning...
I can recall signs as far back as kindergarten which is My first remembrance of dominating another child around me. While I was obviously truly born a natural sadist in every way, I must say that My methods have been perfected upon over the years through trial and error. Each and every boy that has found himself my victim or served me in some way has served me in another way that even he did not realize at the time. They were my little lab rats.

I have studied psychology since I was age nine, when I first found a college psychology text book in my mom's closet. Bored I decided to read it. That day was the awakening of something greater within myself. I became obsessed with finding out what made people tick. What before was only a strong interest became as much of an obsession as torturing my male peers was then and still is today. I will now confess my journey into depravity to those who care to read my words. I will be leaving out the private or dull details, but the basics of how I became the Mistress that you know and love today will be explained for those who are curious about the evil bitch who may one day own your very soul!

I was raised as an only child by my mother and due to certain circumstances had very little adult supervision from an early age onward. I believe it may be due to this that I never took well to authority, such as schools, bosses, police, or any government official that may try to tell me what to do. Now this of course guaranteed my mother being called to visit my school principal at least one day a week for my refusal to bow down to school rules. I was an extremely unruly child and after watching the Exorcist my mother was sincerely convinced that her own daughter's head would one day be spinning around in complete circles as I spewed green vomit, but believe it or not, everyone for some reason just loved me anyway. Even the very principals who were chastising my behavior showed me special treatment. One even snuck me out during lunch to take me shopping for a new dress to wear to the new school I would begin attending the next day. I think that was the beginning of me realizing I could do almost anything I wanted and get away with it.

Early on I realized that little boys and even the adults around me were weak to my charms and I could get them all to do almost anything I wanted. All it took was one cute little smile, but that wasn't enough for me. Soon my addiction grew and I found myself wanting to see how mean I could be and still lead them around like a dog on a leash. I enjoyed playing with them simply for shits and giggles to be honest. I got off on it. What can I say it made me smile. I even started to torture my mother's lovers at age seven by dressing them up like women while they slept if they dared to spend a night in my house. In the morning they'd hear me laughing in malicious glee when they awakened horrified to find themselves feminized by me. It greatly pleased me to see their manhood slip away as they disgustedly looked at themselves in the mirror while trying to wash away the remaining evidence of their own disgrace.

I also learned very early how to captivate my audience no matter who it may be. Especially using my sense of humor which has always been as sick and twisted as it is today Which you'll truly find in evidence if you ever dare to come before me seeking a humiliation session. I have always loved to humiliate males and can remember actually getting aroused after putting a male in his place as young as age nine. As I got older I found out that many boys had big egos and overly inflated opinions of themselves and liked to think of themselves as the powerful sex and girls as the weaker sex among the human race. This angered me and I began to set out to prove each one of them wrong. I became a tomboy and proved that I was indeed as tough as any of them. Unlike many tomboys though I never gave up my own femininity because somewhere deep down inside I understood that it was the source of my power and the very same quality that made me an irresistible enigma even then, but I still enjoyed kicking their asses at their own little boy games while wearing my girly finery, but I most enjoyed laughing at them afterwards as I rubbed it in that they got beat by a girl! I unashamedly enjoyed humiliating them to the core and loved every moment of it! What a power rush!

These same boys who hated being humiliated by a girl were always the ones chasing me around like puppy dogs trying to win my attentions. Perhaps this was due to the fact that I developed ahead of the other girls and definitely ahead of those pimple-faced inferior boys who followed me around begging me to be their girlfriend. Remember the Girl who's hair you put gum in when you were in third grade because you had a crush on Her? Well, I would have been the Mean Little Girl that kicked your ass and shoved your own chewed wad up your fucking nose while all of your friends watched and laughed at you. I was the girl all the boys were drawn to but were too afraid to fuck with... and I still am!

My Hunger For Power Grows...
I relished my control over the opposite sex even then and my taste for power grew. It was like a drug and I was addicted to the rush. I couldn't stop myself. It was a game for me and I played it as well as I did any other sport. That is when my passion for the study of psychology really peaked and I began to check out book after book on the subject. I knew even then that the mind was the key to controlling those around me. I was especially mesmerized by the concept of Brainwashing, Hypnosis, and Subliminal Messages.

One day I found a book on the psychology of sexuality (I forget the exact name) at the library. Luckily for me the old wrinkled librarian was blind as a bat and never paid attention to what books you checked out. She just scanned them and smiled at you because you must be a good kid if you're at the library four days a week. Haha! If she only knew!

With avid curiosity I devoured that book like it was the bible and my very own soul needed saving. I learned many things that day about human sexuality that I never even imagined and some that intrigued me even more then I would have cared to have admitted then. Near the end of the book I came across a chapter entitled sexual deviance. Hmmmmm deviance I thought, that sounds like an interesting word. I even liked the way it sounded when I said it. It was to my utter horror to discover a description of myself within the pages of this chapter. The form of dysfunction this area was describing was "Sadistic Personality Disorder." It basically said that sadism is rooted in deviant sexuality. It went on to explain how wrong it was to derive pleasure and satisfaction from sadistic acts of torture and humiliation to others.

"Oh My God... My brain is diseased," I remember thinking in a panic as I recalled all the times I had been cruel to someone and loved every last second of it. It says so right here in these pages. "Those who enjoy the pain and mental suffering of others are sexual deviants suffering from Sadistic Personality Disorder." Man I knew it was mean and maybe a "little" bit wrong, but I had never guessed it was an actual "Mental Disease," I just thought it was alot of fun. I was astonished, depressed, and deeply troubled over this. I began to wonder why I was born this way and if it would ever go away. I tried to push that side of myself away and not give in to it's evil temptation. I was good at it most of the time. I hid that secret side of myself away as best I could and tried to pretend it never existed. When my evil little sadistic demon would escape it's well guarded cage I would fight against it as if it were my worst enemy.

It wasn't too long after this period that I began to enter the world of dating. I tried so hard to play that sweet role most of the time, but when I began to become sexually active I found myself having the strangest cravings to torture my boyfriends. Helpless to my own sexual urges I fell off the wagon and started experimenting once more. So many of those I chose to practice on fought against it, especially in those early days, that I became truly discouraged and again started to think that something must be really wrong with me. I was truly fucked up, but even this realization did not reduce the longings of my sadistic desires. It was then and there that I decided to find ways to get my boyfriends and lovers to willingly let me torture them. I decided if I was going to be fucked up anyway I may as well be really good at it. I gave in to my dark urgings and found ways to convince men to be my victims. I used my natural magnetism and sexuality to entice them to do my bidding. I played with them like a cat plays with a mouse. I learned to make the pain feel so damn good that they couldn't resist. I learned to combine the promise of pleasure with the experience of suffering and blend the two together so perfectly that there was no knowledge of where one began and one ended. It was an unspoken activity we never mentioned outside of private play time of course, but secretly deep down inside I knew they loved it, and I finally realized that I didn't just suffer from insanity... I enjoyed every fucking moment of it too!

As I got older I learned how to control grown men and not just torture them. By age thirteen I had already learned to wrap your typical twenty year old male around my finger! I learned the art of sensual seduction very early on and began applying it everywhere I went. It was like a game for me to see how many males I could have drooling after me at any given time. At age fourteen I had my first diamond ring and marriage proposal from a male who was twenty eight. I'll never forget my first official real date with him. I used to call him big bird because he was a whopping six foot seven. He asked me out for six months before I said yes and when I did he was so excited he forgot to stop and put gas in his car. Two miles away from my house he ran out of gas and I was not happy, to say the least. To make it up to me because he felt so bad for ruining our date he carried me all the way back home piggy back the entire two miles before walking to get gas and fetch his car so that we could continue our date. I never fucked big bird but he was madly in love with me and even risked prison to seek my hand in marriage from my mother. Who of course promptly told him no in no uncertain terms which is exactly what I wanted her to say anyway. It was not long before even my own mother gave up trying to control me once she realized it was simply impossible. So I guess the best way to describe me has always been twisted, evil, cruel, and defiant with a natural sadistic streak! I guess some things never change! Do they boys?

My True Reign Of Power Begins...
A couple years after becoming an adult and fully surrendering to my sadistic appetite I met a fellow Dominant who shall remain un-named as I am not a name dropper. She truly opened my eyes to the world around me and the world of domination and submission. Over a phat joint we discussed our lives and our past humorous adventures. Here seemed someone who was as weird and open-minded like myself in so many ways. It was during this conversation that she mentioned something about Professional Domination... "Professional what?" Yes that's actually what I said if I remember correctly! Haha, Oh Naive Me! She went on to explain that there are guys out there who actually love to be tortured, humiliated, and dominated. "Wait did I just hear that correctly?" Holy shit I remember thinking, "No way! This bitch has to be fucking with me right? There are actually guys out there who not only love being treated like shit but they will even pay girls to do all the things to them that so many have told me was wrong?" I know my eyes must have been as wide as saucers as the world suddenly opened up for me and spilled out the truth. I finally discovered that there is nothing wrong with who I am and that it isn't wrong to be this way either. It was like a one way pass to Sadismville had finally been delivered after years of waiting at the bus station for a ride!

Since then I have been unstoppable in my journey! I began to Pro Domme that week by placing an ad in a local newspaper known as New Orlean's very own "Big Easy" that advertised adult businesses in the very back pages. Wow what another personal realization that was... my form of perversion was actually being openly advertised in the small local paper in black and white. That is when I knew without a doubt that there could be nothing wrong with an activity that myself and so many others obviously enjoy. While I did for the most part enjoy my first taste of Pro Domination, responsibilities in my personal life and disillusion with some of my early experiences as a Pro Domme began to make me dislike the world of Pro Domination. Which was a true tragedy for myself after finally having found my place on the top of the food chain, and within myself as a Female Dominant. It was then I knew that I loved Bdsm and needed it in my life, and though I was avidly interested in this life choice as a career as well, the Professional side of it was missing some vital elements that I personally needed to feel fulfilled. I decided that I had jumped into Pro Domination too quickly out of excitement and elation at realizing that there were others out there just like me. I decided to take a step back and go into Lifestyle based study once more but on a new level. The urge to Dominate wasn't gone but the urge to deal with complete fucking idiots and all the drama that being a Pro Domme entails definitely was. Perhaps I was also still not yet comfortable with my sudden plunge into the world that I had previously tried to deny myself for so long. Whatever it is was I decided to end my brief career as a fully Professional Dominatrix, but I found myself still needing the rush that can only be experienced for me during some form of power exchange or another. So I decided to explore the bdsm and fetish lifestyle in the privacy of my personal life only.

Slowly as I matured I found myself once more wanting to test my hand at Domination on a more public level. As I advanced in my studies and learned more about myself as a Dominant Woman I decided I was simply too damn good at it to hide myself away from the world. Around the age of twenty four I once more began to come out of the shadows to allow truly sincere submissives a chance to serve me. I have been completely out of the closet for over ten years now and I have no intentions of ever hiding in it again. It is with elation that I have embraced my own identity as a Superior Dominant Female and this is the reason behind why I am now able to publically offer you a chance to suffer in my unholy realm today. Have no misunderstandings though this is not an open invitation offered to all. I am very discriminating in my interest in the typical submissive that may attempt to approach me. Simply put... I expect you to crawl over the bed of glass for the honor of kneeling at my feet. It is not impossible but the journey does not promise to be easy. In order to avoid the negative influences that I first discovered during my brief career in Fully Professional Domination I decided that it will take more then just a dent in your wallet to get you into my tiny blackened little heart and my presence real time. I truly enjoy my life and you will obey and humble yourself before me for a chance to be part of it! I do not need you or your money, so you better hope that I enjoy spending time with you. I currently own two devoted live-in male slaves that spoil me and fulfill my needs as a Female Dominant in almost every way possible. So while I am not currently accepting any further livein slaves there are still other small ways to be part of my sadistic world.

Serve The Superior Woman I Am Today...
Whether our exchanges take place via phone, online, long distance, or real time, it is I who will decide whom has earned the honor of serving me and no amount of money you offer will change my mind. I play by my own rules or I do not play at all. It is that simple! After years in this lifestyle I am spoiled and know exactly what I want from a potential pet and if you are not compatible with my desires then you will be denied the honor of serving me. Over the years I have turned down thousands just like you, so I suggest that you make full use of this opportunity and not fuck it up!

The first Professional Session I did was actually a favor for a friend who asked me to dominate a friend of hers as a birthday surprise. Well I expected it to be sort of like a gag gift, but this boy was serious. He had a lot of guys over because it was his 21st birthday and where beer is boys are.

When I first walked into the party this boy came running up to me like an excited little kid ready for his present. I thought I'd see how far he would go right off the bat and told him to get on his knees before me where he belongs. Without even one word he dropped to his knees right there in front of everyone which truly shocked me at first. Feeling my sadistic juices beginning to flow I dragged him to his bedroom and threw him on the bed, and smacked him around lightly like he was a little bitch. He loved it and asked for another. I hit him just a bit harder and he begged for another. I remember thinking okay I think this would be a good time to take a deep breath and explain his safe word to him. Which in my youthful eagerness I almost forgot. He acknowledged his understanding and begged for more slaps. I gave him so many I lost count. Each harder then the next until I grew impatient and bored with our game. Looking around I noticed his leather work belt and picked it up smiling secretly to myself. I couldn't wait to see if he begged for more after I laid that leather belt on his virgin ass. I beat that boy's ass with all the power I had until he safeworded, which believe it or not took 25-30 minutes. This fucker was a true glutton for punishment and the biggest painwhore I had ever scened with at this point in my life. The part that turned me on most was knowing that each lash of the belt and yelp of pain could be clearly heard by everyone in the living room. I imagined them all looking at each other in shock and thinking... Damn!

The ideal of them all knowing turned me on so much and the rush of power was so extreme that I thought I would cum from it right then and there. Wanting to really humiliate him I grabbed him by his hair once more and wrapped the belt around his wrists in a crazy eight and tied it off as best I could and shoved him out the bedroom door. Where he quickly fell to the floor as he tripped due to his pants still being dropped down to his ankles. Then the funniest thing happened I'll never forget. This friend of his looks at him and with a shocked expression says "Damn his ass looks like raw hamburger meat!" Laughing I sat down and commanded the idiot to go get me a beer. He tried to stand to walk and I of course told him to get back on his knees and crawl to the kitchen. When he brought my beer I realized I forgot my shoes in his room where I kicked them off so I could stand on the bed for smacking leverage without falling and busting my own ass. I pulled him close and whispered for him to fetch them and bring them back in his mouth. Which he did as quick as any proper trained foot slave would. I left them on the floor and smoked a cigarette while relaxing for a moment and enjoying the attention of every eye in the room on me. I smoked my cigarette and acted like I never even noticed their horrified expressions. Looking around for an ashtray I realized there was none nearby and an evil little thought came to my mind. I decided to give them something to really stare at and leaned down and commanded the birthday boy to open his mouth wide so I could use his mouth as my ashtray. I sat there silently smoking while everyone watched in shock, amazement, and some even in horror. I made him eat every last ash and then put my cigarette butt out on his tongue. I could hear gasps in the room around me as each person there imagined the pain of having that done to themselves. Sort of like a guy grabbing his nuts when he sees another guy hit in them. It was hilarious. Deciding that I had shook these poor vanilla souls up enough I gave the birthday boy one last playful swat on the ass and stood.

Once more I remembered that I still had no shoes on, and deciding to humiliate this boy one last time for his birthday I commanded he pick them up in his mouth and follow Me outside with them on his knees. I remembered almost falling on his metal stairs in the six inch stiletto heels and thought this would be safer then walking down in them and risking sure humiliation myself. I made him pull his pants up so he wouldn't go to jail and he followed me down his stairs to the public courtyard of his apartment complex on all fours. I sat down on a bench in this beautiful gazebo in the middle of the courtyard and watched as he put my shoes on for me without me having to say a word. He kissed each toe sweetly and looked up at me with love sick eyes and asked if there was anyway I could stay longer. I shook my head and told him NO and the look of pain in his eyes was so cute. He looked like that one word hurt him more then the vicious beating he had taken earlier or the numerous ways I had publically taken away his pride. Now of course this thrilled my malicious nature to no ends. Smirking I stood and walked away leaving him like that kneeling there watching me leave like a lost little puppy. I glanced up to his apartment once last time as I walked to my car and saw every face that would fit plastered to his window watching me as I slipped behind the wheel to my car and drove off never to return.

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