I currently own two devoted live-in male slaves that fulfill my needs as a Female Dominant in almost every way possible. So while I am not currently accepting any further livein slaves there are still other small ways to be part of my sadistic world. I am often asked for an exact list of the types of pets that I enjoy most, but there is no one set answer for that question as I truly enjoy many types of submissives, slaves, and fetishists for various reasons. Since it would take forever to list each and every attribute that I may enjoy in a person that is currently serving me or hoping to do so, I will instead give examples of the five basic categories that each and every candidate hoping to serve me in some way must fall into. After reading this page it is your duty to find your place in my life, if you can not do so then you are not worthy of being part of my sadistic world!

1) Personal Real Time Sexual Submissives/Slaves: Before you get all excited and rush to apply for this position let me make this very clear... I prefer to find my own victims for this particular position and I will not entertain any offers to fill this position from online degenerates. I don't care how hot you supposedly are or how good in bed you think you are, if you are online searching for fuck partners then you are obviously a pathetic excuse for a man that can not get a woman to fuck you in real life and I have absolutely no interest in fucking you either. I have very particular tastes when it comes to my choice in submissive sexual partners and no amount of begging on your part will change this, but feel free to wish and want anyway loser! LOL!

2) Personal Real Time Non-Sexual Submissives/Slaves: Currently there are six submissives world wide which are allowed to serve as my real time personal pets. Those who have been fortunate enough to serve me real time have went out of their way to learn what it takes to please me before being allowed the honor of serving me real time. Since I no longer offer professional sesssions those who serve me real time are considered personal submissives or personal slaves. The type of submissive that fits into this category varies but those of you who have found me online who are hoping to be counted in this elite group must first pass my very strict screening process mentioned below. It is not impossible but the journey does not promise to be easy.

3) Hopeful Real Time Non-Sexual Submissives/Slaves: Some of you who are truly sincere and make a genuine effort to please me on a long term basis may eventually find yourself among those who I cherish and play with real time, but let there be no misunderstanding, this is not an open invitation offered to all. I am very discriminating in my interest in the typical submissive that may attempt to approach me seeking to meet with me in person so before being considered for a position as one of my personal real time subs you will first be required to prove that you are exactly what I am seeking. While there has been many that first approached me online or via the phone that have proven themselves to be worthy of serving me real time, there will always be hundreds more that will ultimately fail. The amount of time that I require to get to know a hopeful submissive before considering them for a real time meeting varies and whether I choose to meet with any particular person hoping to earn the chance to serve me real time depends solely upon my whims and desires at that point in my life and their ability to prove their sincerity to me. I am not a Professional Dominatrix that accepts clients in exchange for money. I am a very private Lifestyle Dominatrix that is extremely picky about what I am seeking from my interactions with potential personal pets and no amount of money or begging will change this fact. Candidates for personal real time positions must be intelligent, talented, obedient, devoted, creative, mentally stimulating, amusing, generous, and compatible with my personality. If you are not compatible with my personality and desires then I will not enjoy your time with me and neither will you, and what would the point of that be for either of us? I actually enjoy the time that I spend with my personal real time pets and I will not allow anything or anyone to change this fact. You must be willing to figuratively and perhaps even literally crawl over the bed of broken glass to earn the honor of kneeling before me or the opportunity will never be yours.

4) Long Distance Submissives/Slaves: Before I go any deeper into this subject let me first make it very clear that I do not consider myself to be your typical Financial Dominatrix, but if you wish to intrude upon my world and beg to be part of it then be prepared to earn this honor. If you do not have a talent that I can utilize in a way that some how pleases me or enriches my life then I suggest you be prepared to impress me with your total devotion and generosity instead. Is it selfish for me to say this? Absolutely not! My personal time is very valuable and precious to me, why would I expect anything else? For that matter why would you? Do you really think that the simple fact that I am a Dominant Female obligates me to allow you the chance to serve me? If I allowed the intrusion of every worthless dick wanking time waster that has ever approached me begging to serve me online or over the phone then I would have no time left to enjoy my life, and since I am a totally selfish bitch that fully understands the value of my own worth, I will not even entertain the thought of allowing you to decide whether or not I owe you the chance to serve me. I will instead answer this question for you, so there will be absolutely no confusion on this subject... I don't owe you a fucking thing! If I allow you the honor of speaking to me I expect you to be grateful for the opportunity. Those who fail to show me how much they appreciate the value of my time will quickly find themselves obsolete. Also keep in mind that no amount of money will convince me to allow you to intrude upon my world if you can not amuse and please me in other ways as well. Let me clearly state this concept in simple terms for the severely mentally challenged members of your species... I do not need you or your money so you better hope that I enjoy you enough to keep you around!

5) Devoted Fans And Admirers: The type of person that typically fits into this category varies. Some of you are too far away to grovel at my feet, some are not fully able to dedicate themselves to the strict standards I expect from my personal pets, and some of you pathetic little pussies are simply too frightened to surrender yourself to a dangerously psychotic sadistic bitch like me. The point is, that there are many acceptable reasons why some of you are unable to find a useful place in my world but perhaps you still find yourself yearning to be acknowledged as one of my many devoted fans. There are so many different ways for an admiring fan to show their devotion and over the years thousands of you have come forward just to let me know that you are out there watching my website and admiring me from afar. Some of you have even been brave enough to send adoring letters, amusing pictures, humiliating videos, and expensive gifts just to show your appreciation for the unique person that I am and the way I choose to live my life. I truly enjoy and welcome all of the creative little things my devoted fans and admirers do to show their gratefulness for the simple fact that I exist and allow them to breath the same precious air that I breath.