I recently began to write short erotic stories of a bdsm and fetish nature and I have decided
to share them with you along with the addition of some stories written by my slaves and fans.
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The Evil Darkness That Lurks Within - By Slave Andy - Submitted 04-27-2011
It was an ordinary day at work, no different than the endless ones strewn out before it. Where once was wintry coating of snow the colors of spring filled the view from the window of of my tiny office, though my perception altered little. My devotion to the work was constant and committed, and the view that filled my world consisted of the computer, only shadowed by shards of natural light that filtered in. The work was mindless and deprived of any energies of the heart, but it was at least consistent. Dreams of the past might have been surrendered to the complacency of being an able and effective drone, but at least I knew who I was, a hard worker, a morning and evening commuter, and someone who enjoys knowing where I am and where I am going.

One morning I awoke with a pain in my head that pulsed and pounded, like strobe lights and beats at a rave that only existed between my ears. Distracted and unable to quell the pain by the usual pills, I walked toward the morning subway. As usual the train was packed with people, body to body, yet still rustling newspapers and coffee cups as if trying to find a way for jagged puzzle pieces to fit. The scream of the train stopping and starting, the barks of the conductor, the noise of music seeping out of headphones, it all added up to a chaotic nightmare. Usually none of this mattered, I could ignore it and continue on, but today it seemed to possess and infect me. As my head began to pound mercilessly, I saw a sliver of dark, a figure of a person that drew me in like a magnet. I could only glance for a fraction of a second, immediately my headache left and all the noise faded until it was replaced by a whisper. "Come To Me" it said. Immediately I felt as if I had been kicked in the stomach and had fallen to the ground, though somehow without the pain that involved. My eyes were battling to look up but they seemed to be glued to my feet. When finally I raised my eyes the headache had returned, the noise of the train returned as well, and I realized for the first time in five years I had missed my stop and was late for work.

Upon exiting at a stop much further uptown than I intended, I attempted to collect my thoughts. Running, running, my tie becoming unraveled, my shirt no longer tucked in, needing to get to work, but needing....needing....I was finding myself still intensely running and determined but increasingly confused as to why. Certainly I was needing to get to work, I rationalized, I was late. Still the need I was feeling in my heart, my soul, the pit of my stomach was not level- the way my heart was racing was positively frightening me. I thought to myself that perhaps it is not need but want, I want to get to work now... I want...Want... Need...Want... Need...Want... running, head pounding, it was almost as if my body and mind had been taken over. That voice, that whisper, that presence on the train, it all added up to confusing and clouding my every thought. My cell phone rang just then but that voice, I could not concentrate, "Come To Me" echoing in my mind, in my heart, filling the world and replacing it with the voice. I found my senses growing heavy, the more I thought of the voice the more the headache and the stress vanished. At this point I was two blocks from work, the building growing larger, but the voice growing somehow both louder and softer, more distant and more commanding. Needing to get to work... wanting to be a good employee... needing to do what I must... wanting to be a good boy... needing her voice... wanting to come to her... needing to be a good pet... wanting to be her pet... wanting... needing to obey.

Confused and feeling absolutely lost and frustrated, I found myself in the lobby of my office. Feeling dizzy and out of sorts, the receptionist stared at me as if I were a freak, as I fumbled for my identification card, blushing, as she giggled and noticed that I was showing the signs of arousal that could not be hidden. She was laughing at me, and yet that mockery and laughter only increased the pain of arousal that could not be fulfilled. This was not the casual sort of arousal, the sort one chooses to have, but that of someone making it happen whether you chose it or not. Flustered, I attempted to talk my way into my office, telling the receptionist that I had worked there for five years. She said "I have never known you or noticed you" and I wanted to cry, to beg, it was as if entrance into my office was my only entrance toward salvation and the life I wanted... needed... and then those words caused me to nearly fall to my knees and orgasm in the lobby. Just then she walked to the other side of the desk, past someone who was on the floor of the security desk who seemed to be staring up at her with a sort of worshipful awe. As she walked she said "I have never known you but you have always known me. You have always heard my voice. It fills all you remember and all you want... need... and know. Listen To Me. Do only what you want to do, what you need to do. It is your life. Find and follow what you need to make it full."

Before I could look up she was gone. Everyone in the room was working and bustling about and pushing into me, wondering what was wrong with my state of being. My headache had returned to full throb mode and I was feeling as lost as one could possibly be. That voice, that image, I kept trying to make sense of it but it was like trying to describe something that even poetry could not touch. It seemed to come from the most intense dream that could not quite be remembered. One thing I knew is that I had not ever experienced a beauty such as this, a beauty as intensely wondrous and powerful as the one that only a short glance cemented in me. Her voice, a mere whisper that seemed to immerse my entire being in it's sound, to pull me as if tight strings bound me to it. I realized two things at this point. One: that this presence is destroying me, turning me into some sort of thing instead of someone. Two: I needed this voice, this person, I needed to find the source, even if it meant my doom, for to say I was in love seemed woefully insufficient. At this point I felt a tear falling down my cheek, and tasted it's salty wetness. As it dripped down it felt like prison bars being locked as I sat on the inside.

Walking through the revolving door and toward the park, I went for a coffee and sat on a bench, trying to regain what was left of me. My belongings felt heavy, and I placed them in neat piles beside me. I felt a bit like a brainwashed robot, just gazing blankly and in want. At this point I noticed the sun begin to set and realized somehow my entire day had been consumed by what I have been experiencing. I faintly noticed that others had assembled on the bench beside me until it felt quite crowded. At this point, as the moon began to emerge from behind the tallest tree, she appeared. I felt like a puppy, awe struck, barely able to take in the beauty of this Goddess who I felt I did not deserve to be in the presence of but wanted for nothing but. From the corner of my eye I could make out that joining me on the bench and the benches to the right and left were the people who had crowded me in the morning train. My heart sunk, realizing that she had captured us all, just because she felt like it. With that feeling was one of gratitude that she had done this for me. She casually, almost with a bored air, picked up each of our identification cards, wallet, and cash then placed them in her bag. At one point I shivered and made a sound, to which she placed her finger on her lips and said Shhhh. Then she asked "What is it, my slave?" The words sent a shiver down my spine that I found profoundly comforting and exciting and I struggled to answer. I was deeply troubled and felt I needed to express something that felt so wrong, and when I opened my mouth and looked in her eyes I was able to speak: "My wallet, my identification, my cash, it does not seem enough. I want to give more" and she simply laughed and I realized there was truly such a thing as evil, as she stood there before me I could feel a deep darkness emanating from within her. A feeling of helplessness washed over me as the realization that I was unable to escape her began to blossom within my mind, and most horrifyingly I found myself craving to go deeper into that darkness. As if reading my thoughts she smiled and whispered the words "This is just the beginning my pet, soo I will consume your soul just as I have already done with your mind. I will envelop and destroy you if you are lucky. Do you want this?" I lowered my head to hide the tiny tear that formed when I thought of the life I was leaving behind but that did not stop me from dropping to my knees before her and replying with a heart felt "Yes Mistress, I am yours to command and keep for as long as you shall desire my service."

As the darkness consumed me and the night became day and spring became summer and winter again, I noticed that the surrounding colors, elements, and even the world itself has become just a shadow to me when compared to the beauty and brilliance of the one that I now adore and serve, my owner Mistress Malice.

The Beginning Of The End - By Ron Stockings - Submitted 08-01-2010
I couldn’t believe what my boss was telling me. I was being sent to New Orleans for a conference. Hearing the name of that city made me think of one thing – Mistress Malice. For ages, I had dreamt of meeting Her and experiencing Her wicked and sadistic nature in real life. I sent Her a message begging Her to allow me to meet and serve Her. I waited a day, two days, and after a week, She replied to tell me that She would only allow me to serve Her if there was to be very few limits on what She could do to me. She said, “You will still be alive after I have finished with you, though you may wish you weren’t LOL”. I knew from reading Her web page that She was evil personified and very skilled in inflicting the most extreme physical and mental torture. I knew that I might regret it, but agreed to Her terms.

Then I thought, “what if my dream turns into a nightmare?” I broke into a sweat and my mind reeled with fears of what She could do to me. I counted the days and then the hours until my flight to New Orleams. As the plane landed, my stomach tightened into a knot. I thought about feigning a serious illness and catching a flight home. But I knew I would I could not resist the chance to meet Her whatever that meant.

I arrived the night before and hung out on Bourbon Street, looking for some trad. Jazz to hear. I headed over to Preservation Hall to take my mind of what lay in front of me the next evening. I heard the strains of “St. James’ Infirmary”, and entered to see a group of elderly black musicians playing trumpet, clarinet, banjo, bass and drums. But I couldn’t stop thinking about Mistress Malice and wondering if I would be in an infirmary after meeting Her.

At the conference, one seminar drifted into another and before I knew it, I was on my way back to my hotel room. I read over Mistress Malice’s instructions. Be at Her home by 8pm and to bring my slutty clothes with me or else!. I grabbed something to eat though I had the numb feeling in the pit of my stomach that made me want to do anything but eat. Back at the hotel room, I got my slut clothes together in a sports bag and then showered and shaved, managing not to cut myself with the razor in my shaking hand as it was almost time to leave. As instructed, I called Mistress Malice to let Her know I was about to leave.

The night was dark with the feel of a storm about it. I hailed a cab outside my hotel. The sweat returned to my brow as I glanced at my watch and saw 7:47 staring back at me. I wished that I was on a 747 at that moment. I grabbed my bag and moments later was in a cab headed to Mistress Malice’s domain. I was six blocks from Her place when I snuck a glance at my watch. 7:52 it said as the cab stopped for a red light. I saw the 2 click over to a 3 as the cab started to move. We made it another three blocks when the driver pulled over to let a fire truck pass. 7:56. Another light and then one block to go. The cab was half a block away when it stopped to let a blind man led by a geriatric guide dog cross the street. 7:58 now and I am in full panic, yelling at the driver to hurry. The cab stopped in front of Her place at 7:59. I threw some money at the driver to pay for the fare. I don’t know how much I gave him, but I heard him yell “Hey, thanks buddy!” as I rushed to ring Mistress Malice’s bell. 8:00 and the bell was rung. After what seemed an eternity, the door slowly opened. I leaned forward slightly. “Hello?” I asked in a near whisper and took a step in. It was dark with only the light from candles in another room shedding any light. The door closed behind me and I heard it lock. I turned to see Mistress Malice staring down at me. I looked up and saw Her face. “He , he, hello M M Mistress Malice” I stuttered. Our eyes met and I gasped. “Oh My God I can’t believe it’s You” I mumbled nervously. I waited in silence until She spoke in Her sexy, breathy voice. “You must be slave ron” She said as She looked at me with the look one has when looking at rotting food. I was flustered and replied “I must be Mistress, I must be”. My head was lowered staring at the tips of the thigh-boots. She extended Her hand. I bowed awkwardly and kissed it. “Don’t slobber all over it, you little worm!!!” She thundered. “No Mistress” I won’t” as my lips barely touched Her soft, beautiful hand. She turned up the light a little and I could make out Her gorgeous face better now. “Mistress, Thank You for allowing me to meet You in person” I mumbled. “You’re welcome, slave,” She replied. I could see what She was wearing now – a vinyl corset and skirt, black fishnets and thigh boots with mile-high heels.

I was so overcome by the sight of Her standing there in front of me, I instinctively fell to my knees and bowed my head. “Thank You Goddess for allowing me to meet You – it is a dream come true. ” “A dream” She replied “or maybe a nightmare?, She snickered. “All right, get up and bring your slut clothes and follow Me.” I slowly walked behind Her, looking at the cross on the wall. “Hurry up slave!” She snapped as She opened a door to a bedroom. “Put your clothes here and strip naked and be quick about it. I want you naked and kneeling when I return!”. She blew a cloud of smoke in my face as She left. I quickly stripped off all my clothes, with only my glasses left in place. As I knelt on the cold, hardwood floor, I listened intently to hear Her return to the room. “Take Your time”, I said to myself. Seconds later, I could hear the unmistakable sound of spiked heels getting louder until the door opened. My head was bowed, my nose almost touching the floor. “slave” She said harshly, “ when I say strip I mean everything on your pathetic little body including your glasses. How are you going to wear a blindfold with your glasses on hmmmm?” “I am very sorry Mistress” I said and removed my glasses and placed them safely on a table.” She stared at me coldly, put the blindfold on me and commanded “Crawl behind Me”. I obeyed, crawling as fast as I could.

She led me out of the bedroom and stopped at the place where I feared She would – at the cross. “Up slave, face the wall and walk toward it. When you bang your head, you can stop” She said with a snicker. “Now place your hands in the straps”. “Oh Mistress, please…” I moaned. “QUIET!!” She thundered. “Please don’t hurt me Mistress” I pleaded. “You’re whining before I do anything, slave. I received a whack on the head with an unseen object and Mistress Malice began to strap my wrists and ankles to the cross and then tightened the blindfold much tighter than I felt was needed. “Ouch” I squealed, “Shut up, slave, She said. “be quiet or you shall be squished like the bug that you are. In fact, I think I will trample and squish you later – if you survive what precedes it.” Before I could make another sound, a ball gag was crammed into my mouth and a hankerchief was shoved into my hand as She explained that dropping it would work as my safe gesture since I could not verbally speak a safe word with my pussy mouth filled. As She explained this safety measure to me I thought of all the things She may choose to do to me in my helpless state and I started to panic and breathing rapidly. I felt the stiletto-tip of one of Her long fingernails pierce the small of my back and trace a line down my back. I winced as I felt it carved out a riverlet of blood.

I heard Her walk away and then return, obviously holding some instrument of pain. Before I could wonder what it was, I felt it cut into my back. It was some form of whip, possible a cat. Each stroke cut deep into my back. I winced and tried to muffle a cry. I slammed my eyes shut under the blindfold and bit my tongue as She wielded each stroke counting off each one. I tried to hold back the tears but to no avail. I started crying my eyes out with tears rolling down my cheeks. “What a crybaby you are slave!” She said with a laugh as She flogged me harder. My knees were trembling and I wished that I was anywhere but where I was. I knew there was nothing I could do but suffer whatever torture She wanted to inflict on me. I was at Her mercy, assuming there was mercy to be had. At this point, I wasn’t sure there was. I was surprised as She freed me from the shackles, removed the ball gag and blindfold and said ”Go and dress yourself in your sluttiest outfit and make it snappy!”

I returned to the bedroom. My back was still smarting from the flogging She had given me. I quickly picked out an outfit to wear: a white lacy blouse, black pvc miniskirt, black lace stockings, and open-toes pumps with five-inch ankle-breaking heels. I started by trying to untangle the bra and not put it on inside out for a change. Next came some silky panties and then the hose. I then slipped on my heels and got my makeup out. This was always a crapshoot – whether I would look anything like a woman when I was done or just a guy with makeup slapped on his face. I started as always by rubbing red lipstick over my cheeks and beard shadow. Then, I applied beard cover and foundation, lipstick, and blush. Next came the biggest challenge – doing my eyes. I don’t understand how women can do their eyes without doing severe damage to them. I managed to get some charcoal eye shadow spread unevenly on my eyelids followed by some mascara that stuck to my lashes. The worst part came next – trying to put on eyeliner without gouging out my eyes. I pulled my eyelid to the side and tried to drag the liner pencil across it. But being a person who can barely draw a straight line with a ruler, it turned out as it usually does – a wobbly line that was too thick and drifted off my eye and down on to my cheek. I wiped it off and started again for the last time when Mistress Malice walked in and asked “Are you done yet slave? “I think so Mistress” I replied. “Stand up and let Me look at you”. I stood up, nearly falling over as I tried to balance on my stilt-like stilettos. Mistress Malice laughed at me and said “the good thing about looking slutty is that you can be ugly and still be a tramp”

To be continued...

A Lesson Learned, A Life Surrendered - By Wild Thang - Submitted 07-31-2009
The time had finally come. My innermost desire, my obsession was on the verge of becoming a reality. Mistress Malice had honored me, a lowly pathetic cocksucker, with the privilege of serving Her in person. I have had little real time BDSM experience and this was my first session with my Addiction, Mistress Malice. How ignorant was I in believing the cruel Goddess would take it easy on me…

Filled with anticipation and fear, I knock on Her door. She answers wearing a strapless black vinyl dress on top of black fishnet stockings. Paralyzed by Her beauty, I stand frozen with my eyes staring and my jaw hanging. SLAP! Instantly I awaken from my trance holding my burning cheek. “How dare you fail to greet your Mistress! How dare you look upon your Goddess without permission! And how dare you stand before me! On your knees you pathetic slave boy!” Mistress Malice commands.

Before I can tell my body to react, I find myself on my knees with my eyes on Mistress Malice’s exquisite, supple feet. I am unaware of how I got in this position, Mistress Malice’s voice seems to have more control over the actions of my body than my own willpower. She forcefully clamps a collar and a leash on me and tugs “Come on you little slut, I am taking you to the dungeon where maybe you can be of some use to Me.”

Half crawling, half falling I make my way down the stairs into the dungeon. Mistress Malice leaves me bruised and trembling in the corner, while she gathers the wicked tools of her trade. Upon returning she stands me up and commands me to look. To my horror, she towers over me wielding a very sharp, very large, and very dangerous looking blade. She sticks the blade down the collar of my shirt, and slices the garment off. Tracing the pointed tip across my chest, She applies pressure as the blade grazes my nipples and draws blood. I bite my lip, hoping to suppress my grunts of pain. “Have something to say my little bitch?” Mistress Malice asks in Her cold, seductive voice.

Before I can even attempt to utter a single coherent word out of my mouth a ball gag is brutally forced in and strapped on. For the first time, I realize the complete powerlessness of my position and panic sets in. my muffled screams could be heard by passing joggers outside the house. I make a motion to run for the door but feel an acute pressure on my crotch. I look down to see Mistress Malice’s blade pressed against my pants. “Now there’s no need for that slave boy, if you follow My every command then I won’t have to use this blade…well probably not” She warns in calming tone. Staring into her eyes, I feel my resistance melt away as I become hypnotized by her power.

She proceeds to cut off my pants and boxers until I am vulnerably exposed before her. She looks at my pathetic cock shaking Her head “Not even a full 7 inches…I won’t be needing this anytime soon,” Mistress Malice declares as she places a chastity cage around my feeble cock. Lowering the blade to the base of my balls, she continues “In fact I probably won’t need this ever.” I close my eyes expecting the worst, saying silent prayers to Goddess Malice to have mercy when an unexpected sharp pain leaves me doubled over, choking on my own puke contained within the ball gag. “Next time I can always use my blade, if that kick was too much for you to handle.” Mistress Malice suggests smiling mischievously.

I thank my Goddess everyday that she did not castrate me that day. Even now as I kneel in my pink panties, my vinyl skirt, and blonde wig cleaning Her toilet with the toilet brush attached to my gag.

A Dream Meeting With Mistress Malice - By Femsub Reagan - Submitted 05-24-2008
I started to wonder if I had in fact been forgotten. I sat in a metal chair, dressed only in a thin black robe that had been given to me when I arrived. I was terribly cold and shivering. Bored, I looked around the room. There were tapestries and pictures hanging on the walls, but the light was too dim for me to make any of it out. Normally I would have just gotten up and walked over for an inspection. However, Mistress Malice's live-in slave said I was to stay in this chair, completely still, no matter what. I was even scared to shift about too much. What if Mistress was watching me right now? So I sat straight up in that chair, freezing to death and waited as patiently as possible. When I was sure that I was going to just die in that room, I heard a noise on the other side of a door that I thought was a closet. A bit startled, my heart pounded and I strained my eyes in the darkly lit room. Would it be Mistress Malice?

Without more than a hand gesture I was summoned to the dark recesses of the other side of that door. Walking across the threshold and into Mistress Malices sitting room. There She was, it had taken me months and months but here I was finally meeting my Mistress. I walked as carefully as I could, palms sweating and heart racing. She looked amazing. Her black hair was down and flowed over Her chest, which was barely contained by Her corset style dress. At first it looked black, but as I got closer I noticed it was actually a midnight blue and velvet. However, her four inch stacked boots were very black and so was the angry looking cane She had laid across Her lap. As I walked across the room, I couldn't resist looking into her eyes before I quickly looked down. Once I was in front of Mistress I sank to my knees and exposed the back of my neck in one graceful motion. I kneeled all the way to Her boot, but I stopped right before my lips touched it. Mistress, I asked, may I kiss Your boot and thank You for allowing me in Your presence? Her voice, smooth and uninterested answered, Yes, you may.

When I sat up I noticed that the gifts I had brought in earlier with me were laid to my left. I had two gifts for my beloved Mistress. Knowing Her love for sharp and shiny objects I had brought a dagger, so sharp it would slice you like butter. It was truly a beauty with the hilt encrusted with an onyx and ruby black widow. My other gift was my personal pet. I wasn't sure how much my pet would be worth her, especially since he is only the slave of a slave. However, with his long hair, shaved body and piercing blue eyes, I hoped She would approve. She opened the box with the dagger, took it out and looked at Her reflection in the polished blade. Noticing the hilt, the corners of Her mouth turned up slightly to one side. She said to me, This is acceptable, but what is HE doing here? Mistress I began, He is most valuable possession I own. I have brought him to You for whatever purpose You may have of him. At which point I took his leash, bowed my head, and handed it up to Her. I have no use for him, not yet anyways. She then gestured for one of her slaves, whispered something and they took him away.

I did not dare look up during this exchange. I only kneeled at Her feet and waited. Then without knowing what the hell was going on She grabbed the back of my hair, twisted me to the side of her and looked down onto my face. It hurt like hell, but I didnt make a noise. Her eyes were so green and full of power, I felt myself go slightly weak. I could barely breathe and I hoped She would not ask me any questions, because I was not sure I could find my voice. Then as quickly as she twisted me to her side I was being dragged to her dungeon. My robe was yanked off me and She shoved me to my knees. The floor was hard and I knelt naked before Her. She walked over to where her paddles, canes, whips and straps hung neatly on the wall. She chose one and returned to stand over me and stated sternly and clear, You will take this beating and thank me for each strike. You will not make a sound other than thanking Me, unless you must use the safe word. If you make any other sound, I will start all over again until you have taken this beating properly. I nodded, too scared to even answer aloud. And thus, She began whipping my back. Mistress whipped me 75 times, it would have been only 50 strikes but I cried out and She had to start all over again. I thanked Her for each strike, like I was told and was otherwise silent. My back was raw and tears stained my face. But, I did not make a sound.

When She was done administering my beating, two slaves brought me to my feet and then tied me to Her cross. My back was raw and with each breathe I pressed against the cross. The pain was so intense I could barely stand and was glad to have the ropes to hold me up. I did not have the courage to hold my head up, like I had when I first walked into her sitting room. She walked over to me and took my face within Her hand, Have you had enough? Are you ready to leave or do you want to further please Me? Your discomfort may be great, but the reward may be greateror nothing at all. I mustered every ounce of strength I had with my reply, Mistress, I am Yours to do as You see fit. I have no will but Your will. I have no desire but Your desire. My happiness is Your happiness and I will serve You unhindered and freely until You have no further use of me. I am your slave.

At which point She stood back from me, slapped me across my face and said, Good girl. Now the fun begins.

Mock Cock Mutiliation And Fear Session - By Mistress Malice - Submitted 03-30-2008
I have a hardcore fetish for sharp and shiny objects and I also have a very strong love for fear play. Nothing turns Me on more then watching a helpless victim quiver in fear as I run the edge of My sharpened blade against the vulnerable birth defect dangling between his legs. As I verbally threaten and physically torment the very symbol of manhood that most males hold so dear I find Myself feeling intense arousal at the first sign of their fear. Last Night I had the pleasure of enjoying a scene of this nature with a hot male bondage slut that I play with on occasion. For him this was the very first time experiencing any form of psychological fear play. After an hour of waiting for Me blind folded and chained to the brick wall in My bedroom I know his mind was racing with all of the things I may have planned for him and to be honest so was mine. I always take a moment to contemplate and savor the upcoming fate of My victims before beginning any scene.

When I finally entered the room I could taste his fear as I walked around him like a panther stalking her prey. I think he could sense My sadistic thoughts and he began to shake ever so slightly. Without a word I raised the sword in My hand and lightly traced the weapon's tip against his more sensitive spots as I teased him into arousal. The second he felt the sword's cold edge touch the exposed length of his cock he began to cry and shake uncontrollably as he begged me not to harm him. I watched in malicious glee as big fat tears escaped from the underside of his leather blindfold. I leaned close to him allowing the weight of My breasts to press against his chest as I whispered the rules of My game in his ear. "You're going to stroke your cock until I allow you to stop but if you cum I will sever your stupid stick at the base and feed it to My dog." Maliciously I began to laugh as he started stuttering while pleading for My mercy. Ignoring his pleas I went on to explain that all he had to do was scream My name when he felt he was at the edge of cumming and I would allow him to stop, but if he quit without permission or spewed his stupid juices all over himself I would remove him of his manhood in the blink of an eye.

I watched carefully as he stroked himself and directed that he stroke faster or harder at my whim. It wasn't long before I could tell that he would soon be ready to come if I did not allow him to slow down his stroke. Smiling sadistically I took My favorite ball gag down from where it hangs on the wall and shoved it into his mouth. I think he caught on to why I had silenced him because he began to mumble incoherently and shake his head from side to side. Laughing at his terror I pressed the unsharpened side of the sword against the base of his balls and commanded him to stroke faster. His body began to tremble uncontrollably as the urge to cum overcame him. Screaming from behind his gag I can only guess that he was once more begging for mercy but My only response was to demand him to stroke even faster. Right before he came I imagine that he tried to scream My name but with that pesky ball gag in it's so hard to know for sure. He screamed like a little bitch as his cock finally began to twitch and squirt against his will. At the exact moment that he had what was likely one of the most intense orgasms of his entire life I brought the sword away from his exposed quivering flesh and lifted My leg back and kicked him directly in the balls. When I released him from the cuffs that held him I was rather shocked when he fell to the ground on top of his own disgusting dickwad and laid on the floor crying like a little baby. I'll always wonder if he was crying because he was relieved to realize that it was my pointy toed shoe that buried itself in his balls instead of My blade, or was he crying because of the sudden explosion of pain in his nether region?

I guess I may never know! ~Winks~

Sissy Kim And Suzy The Slut - By Sissy Kim - Submitted 07-12-2007
Mistress ordered me to be at her quarters on June 20th and instructed her sissy
slut suzy to make arrangements for our meeting, to fullfil Mistress Malice's plan.

The opportunity for us to be together for Mistress is such a wonderful thought. Who will arrive first, and what will she have done to prepare? I imagined suzy being there first because Mistress Malice will need time to dress her up properly. I just knew that when i met suzy for the first time time that she would be beautiful with her shaved manpussy, properly painted nails, and lipstick stained lips. I could easily picture her dressed up in her silky panties and pantyhose accompanied by a suggestive skirt, heels, and slutty halter top. I can only imagine how i will compare as i prepare myself for Mistress Malice's please. I began planning for my visit by shopping for some thigh high black hose with the seam in the back and some new panties. It is so embarassing when the ladies at the cash register look at me, standing there with my new silky panties, slut hose, lipstick, and nail polish. On this occasion the clerk even smiled, and said, "I would have thought a deeper red would be your color." I was so humiliated! I do love the cache of makeup, pantyhose, and panties that i have accumulated. I only hoped that i would impress Mistress Malice and her sissy slut, as i prepare for the meeting.

Arriving a bit early at the address i had been given by suzy i first drove once around the block and found a quiet place to refresh my makeup before arriving at Mistress Malice's doorstep at exactly 8pm sharp. Shuffling to the door in my high heels, i quivered with excitement wondering who would answer the door, and what it would be like to finally meet Mistress Malice for the first time. Through the tiny glass window next to the door i could see sissy slut suzy coming to the door, and Mistress Malice sitting in a plush looking velvet chair the back ground, smoking a cigarette and looking on as slut suzy opens the door and invites me in. Oh how i feel looking at these two beauties, the bitch and the slut, so wanting to touch, kiss, and embrace them both, but for the fear of the wrath of Mistress Malice, i instead turn and scurry over to Mistress Malice and quickly fall to my knees and at her feet. Mistress is so beautiful and so intoxicating. Mistress Malice allows me to greet her properly by kissing her feet as suzy stands behind her brushing her hair massaging her shoulders. It is obvious that Mistress has had a long stressful day and is enjoying the pampering of us two sissy sluts.

After we finish helping Mistress Malice relax she commands us both to begin our maid duties by cleaning the entire house from top to bottom. As we sissies scurry about, we brush into each other accidentally and I notice the bulge in suzy's skirt, and feel mine grow as well. I know that this can not be, but with the beauty of the Mistress and the feeling of my heels and hose, and the look of suzy all painted up and looking so pretty, my emotions are strong. The icy green eyes of Mistress Malice follow us about as She laughs out loud while we stumble through our domestic and personal chores. Soon we finish our chores and take our place on our knees before Mistress Malice, and she commands us to look at her as we kneel side by side with our shoulders touching each other, just hoping not to anger Mistress Malice. We are each commanded to lift one foot and leg and caress it through Her black high heels and pantyhose, and we both eagerly proceed to pleasure Mistress Malice as she commands.

I can ony imagine that Mistress couldn't help but see the bulge in our pink sissy panties, and the distortion it was causing beneath our silken skirts. Fearing the evidence of our frilly faggot erections might anger Mistress i shifted my weight attempting to hide how excited i was. Being brave i dare a quick look up into Mistress Malice's eyes and She silently guides me with her eyes closer towards suzy. We continue our work on Mistress, but we both draw closer to each other simultaneaously. Our bodies move closer to one another, and the contact is more intense. Our bodies quiver and finally at the command of Mistress Malice our painted lips seek each other out and we kiss each other passionately. Suzy's tongue pushed it's way into my mouth and i could feel my sissy juices making a wet spot in the crotch my pink panties and i could feel suzy's sissy clit rubbing against my tummy as we held each other close.

As we were kissing each other Mistress Malice stood and i could hear her high heels clicking on the floor as she walked towards Her dungeon. Vanishing completely she left us alone together kissing for a short eternity before i could hear her return and settle onto her throne once more. Snapping her fingers she commanded us both to close our eyes and take our positions before her once more. Thoughts of how we may have accidentally displeased her ran through my mind and i quivered in fear wondering what our punishment may be, but when i was finally commanded to open my eyes and show Mistress Malice how much of a true sissy slut i am i knew that my fears where for nothing. When i opened my eyes the first thing i noticed was the huge black cock proudly standing stiff only inches from my lipstick covered lips. Whimpering with need i moved my mouth closer to Mistress Malice's strapon and begged her to be Her little cocksucking sissy. Smiling She nodded her head in consent and i eagerly took Her strapon deep into my throat until i gagged.

Pleased with my attempts to prove how much much i craved to be Her whore she grabbed me by the head and began to fuck my mouth like it was a pussy. As She forced her strapon deeper into my throat i could feel myself drooling all over myself but i didn't care. Just as i was feeling like i was going to burst in my panties Mistress Malice took her strapon from me and shoved it into suzy's mouth as She commanded me to watch and see how a real slut sucks cock for her pleasure. Suzy looked so sexy with a mouthful of cock and i found myself wishing i could be just like her. Suzy did so well that Mistress even allowed her to stroke her clit until she shot her sissy juices into a puddle on the floor. That's when Mistress Malice offered me a chance to earn the honor of cumming too, but only if i was willing to clean up my own mess afterwards. After sucking Mistress Malice's strapon and watching suzy do the same i was willing to do anything to be allowed to cum and i quickly agreed without a second thought. Mistress Malice commanded me to stand bent over at the waist and spread my ass cheeks and before i knew what was happening i felt her strapon savagely invading my manpussy.

Mistress Malice commanded me to aim my load right next to suzy's cum puddle as she fucked my ass and told me how i was going to lick up every last drop of the sticky icky mess I was going to make on her nice shiny floor. Wondering how my first mouthful of cum would taste as i stroked my clitty and had my ass raped by the beautiful Mistress Malice i felt myself on the brink of cumming and began to beg to be allowed to cum. After making me promise over and over that i would suck up the puddle of cum like a sissy vaccum when i was done she finally granted me permission to cum. Screaming Mistress Malice's name i added my own sticky sissy load to the puddle on the floor and as soon as my orgasm ended Mistress Malice pulled her strapon out of my ass and shoved it into my mouth commanding me to clean it with my tongue which i did gratefully as i watched suzy lick up the mess she had made on the floor next to mine. When Mistress Malice felt i had done a good enough job she pushed my head to the floor and shoved my face into my own cum puddle on the floor and held me there until i had done what i promised and not a drop of my cum remained to be seen.

As i drove away from Mistress Malice's house that night i knew that i wanted to be her sissy slut forever.

Wedded Bliss - By Pa Guy - Submitted 09-08-2006
The Limo pulled up to the gates, of Mistress Malice's estate. An iron fence over 10 feet high covered the sprawling estate. The car briefly stopped but was quickly cleared. The gate opened. In the back of the Limo rode Holly and Jim, just recently married. Jim told her that their honeymoon was to be a surprise. Holly started to get a little nervous about where they were headed. "Where are we going?" she asked her new husband. "It's a surprise dear," he responded while looking away from her. The limo took them up a long and winding path. Atop the hill sat a large old stone mansion. The car came to a stop outside its main entrance.

Attendants dressed in long jackets opened up the door and helped Holly out. Jim followed around from the other side. She asked, "are we staying here tonight?" Jim just nodded. They walked inside. A very tall and pale gentleman greeted them. He was dressed in a tuxedo. "Good Evening, I have already informed the Mistress that you have arrived," he said. Holly turned to Jim with a concerned look on her face. "Jim what is going on?" she asked him. Before Jim could answer, the tall gentleman interrupted, "It's time to get to you ready to see Mistress Malice, the servants will assist you". Right then, Holly was grabbed by a pair of hand servants and dragged down the hall as Jim as grabbed by another pair. She screamed and cried for Jim but she was quickly pulled down the hall and into a dressing room.

Holly couldn't believe what was happening. One of the cloaked figures held her arms behind her back while the other gagged her mouth with a large ball gag. They stripped her out of her wedding gown until she stood wearing nothing but the bridal lingerie bought especially for her honeymoon. It was the most beautiful and virginal looking white bra and panty set along with matching white lacy stockings and garter belt. Still held by one of the servants, the other one pulled down her white panties. The cloaked figure said to the other, "How cute, she has her pubic hair shaped like a heart for hubby, should we shave it for Mistress or leave it? She prefers her new girls slaved, you know, but leave it, Mistress might get a kick out of it," the man holding her said. Holly felt so humiliated, as the men inspected her and spoke about her as if she were not even standing there. "She looks like a virgin," her examiner said. "Oh Mistress is going to love you," he continued". "Leave her in her bridal set for Mistress and take her into the throne room," the one holding her said. With that she was picked up and carried down the hall.

She was brought into Mistress Malice's grand drawing room. At the center was a large throne in which Mistress Malice sat. She was a gorgeous and shockingly beautiful but her presence was also intimidating. Her raven black hair was highlighted with bold blood red streaks and flowed past her shoulders to the middle of her pale exposed back. A black corset framed her body and made her large breasts look impossibly overflowing. Her black thong revealed a spider design on the front directly over her pussy when she uncrossed her long legs. Her legs were clad in black thigh high leather boots with spike high heels. She was every boys dream, but this dream come true soon turned into Holly's worst nightmare. There she sat in her throne, legs crossed, smoking her long cigarette. In front of Mistress Malice's throne, kneeled Holly's husband... handcuffed, shackled, bound, gagged, blindfolded, and collared. A chain attached to the floor hooked to his collar. Holly was forced down on her knee next to her husband right in front of Mistress Malice. She tried to mumble a plea, but it was impossible while gagged. The servants ignored her muffled pleas for mercy and handcuffed her wrists behind her back. She was terrified kneeling before Mistress Malice yet she strangely felt herself being hypnotically drawn by her powerful aura.

Mistress Malice looked down at her with a smile. "You're wondering why you are here dear, and I'm going to tell you why now. You may not know this, but your new husband is my slave boy and has been for years, and thanks to him, you've become my slave too, little girl." Holly started to wiggle and tried to back away. One of the servants grabbed her hair and pushed her body forward towards the Mistress once more. The Mistress raised her leg and placed her boot heel to Holly's neck to make sure she did not try to wiggle away again, as her six inch stiletto heel was sharp enough to pierce the tender flesh with one false move. "Take off that worm's blindfold so he can watch his new wife suffer for his own stupidity." Jim's blindfold was taken off as he opened his eyes to see his bride at the mercy of Mistress Malice. "Back away from me again little girl and I'll fuck your cunt with this boot heel. I assure you that you will require stiches by our house doctor when I am done." With those words she took her other leg and placed her free boot feel up to her white bridle panty's and started to circle the heel around. Holly grasped at the feeling of the sharp heel rubbing against her crouch. Mistress kept her other razor heel pricking her neck skin as she removed the ball gag from Holly's mouth and commanded her not to scream. Holly was breathing heavy now, scared of what might happen to her.

She started to push the heel of the boot between Holly's crotch towards her slit. She leaned back and took a puff off of her cigarette. She watched Holly eyes get wide as the razor heel approached her pussy. "I must admit that I'm slightly pissed that my slave boy would dare stick his pecker into a girl without my permission, and in this case, I knew he going to go screw your little virgin hole. So I decided to put a stop to it. I was about to use my favorite medieval tool to slice his dick off. It works very nicely. Maybe I'll let you watch it sometime. Anyway, your husband screamed and begged, he said he would do anything to keep his worthless little penis." He eventually offered you as a slave whore if I would let him keep the tiny shriveled up evidence of failed manhood, and I'm taking that deal now." Holly now sobbed at the predicament she was placed in. She contemplated how to escape, but just as the thought entered her mind she heard a man screaming in agony in another room. She glanced up to see Mistress Malice licking her lips in satisfaction and realized that there would be no hope of escape.

"Put her husband's little penis into a Kali's teeth bracelet, I don't want him to enjoy seeing his bride submit too much." The cloaked figures hustled and put the cage of spikes around his cock. "Take her gag off as well" she ordered them. She lowered her heel from Holly's neck put it to the floor and grabbed a riding crop. Mistress leaned down and kissed Holly on the mouth, pressing her tongue deeply into her mouth. With enjoyment the Mistress quickly realized that Holly had never kissed another woman. Tears still streamed from Holly's frightened face but she started to feel herself reacting to the shockingly erotic kiss. "Now kiss my boot slave whore," Mistress Malice commanded. Holly shook her head from side to side at first until Mistress raised her riding crop. Holly leaned down as best she could and kissed the black boot as commanded. "Now lick them," Mistress told her as she placed the riding crop to Holly's back tapping on it to remind her of what would happen if she failed to obey. Holly put out her tongue and licked her black boot slowly. Grabbing her by the hair Mistress slowly guided Holly's mouth up to her black thong, and told her new slave to kiss the spider on her thong. Pulling aside her thong she exposed the holy pink center of her feminine power and shoved Holly's face into her shaved crotch, "Eat me bitch!" Strangely enough even though Holly was still scared witless she found herself becoming aroused. She lapped Mistress Malice up and down and side to side.

She started to moan feeling Holly's tongue worship her. She raised her boot-clad legs and wrapped them around her new pet's head. She motioned for one of her servants. He walked over and leaned down. She whispered between moans of pleasure, "Get my strap-on, after she makes me cum, I'm going to make her a woman in all the ways that her inadequate husband will never be able to." Holly figured the only way out of this situation alive was to please the Mistress so she put all of her effort into the task of surviving. She shoved her tongue into Mistress Malice's pink pussy, fucking her with her tongue, until she felt her shuddering climax of pleasure.

"Oh my you're a natural cunt licking whore," Mistress Malice said pleased with her new play toy. "But now it is time for you to lose your virginity to me." Holly's almost forgotten husband tried to struggle after hearing these words but was quickly subdued after being smacked with a whip by one of the guard servants. Holly was bought up to her feet by the cloaked guards as her bra, panties, and garter were ripped off, leaving her naked expect for her white wedding stockings. "You can't fuck me! You evil bitch!" she suddenly cried out in stark panic. Mistress Malice rose to her feet and slapped Holly over and over until she fell to the floor. "I was going to give you a nice slow romantic fuck in the bridal suite, but since you decided to get mouthy with me I'm going to rape you on the floor right here little slut."

The servants came over with a huge strap-on didlo and helped the Mistress into it. When they were done the Mistress commanded the guards to undo Holly's restraints. "I want her to be able to struggle freely so it will hurt more as I fuck her brains out until her virgin cunt is raw." With that, she mounted Holly and started to push the oversized didlo into Holly right in front of her helpless husband. As she started to thrust in for the first time, Mistress grabbed her wrists and held her down. "You can't do this to me" Holly sobbed. "Too late, I'm already doing it to you slut," Mistress retorted back, pressing the dildo in deeper into Holly's tight pussy to prove her point.

Holly felt ripped apart as she was thrust into, and as she was fully entered, she gasped and cried and looked up to her bound husband begging him to save her with her tear filled eyes. He knelt helpless and powerless, cuffed and chained, and watched as his wife was brutally fucked by his Mistress. Horrified yet turned on at the same time he soon found that he could no longer prevent his cock from pressing into the spikes of the kali teeth bracelet, but a full erection was prevented by the teeth of the bracelet. The teeth dug painfully into his tender foreskin time and time again as his now throbbing dick pressed repeatedly against the metal teeth.

Anguishing pain shot through Holly as well as she had the strap-on forced deep inside her virgin pussy over and over again. The violating pain was so extreme that she thought she would pass out. As Holly's suffering continued she began to fear that she was going to have her pussy tore into pieces. Mistress Malice kissed her and whispered softly to her "Relax and you may learn to enjoy it." The pain never let up but after what seemed like hours something strange happened. Holly began to feel her body finally relax as she was being mutilated by Mistress's strap-on. Strange sensations of pain began to mingle with pleasure and before long she found herself arching her back and thrusting her hips upward to meet Mistress Malice's deep thrusting. The pain mixed with pleasure was so intense that Holly wrapped her thighs and arms around Mistress Malice as her very first orgasm sent waves of overwhelming pleasure coursing through her body. Moaning now Holly suddenly cried out in orgasmic bliss, "I love you Mistress, please don't stop." Mistress Malice stopped anyway and glanced down at her slave girl with triumph in her cruel green eyes. Holly was on the verge of her second orgasm and begged Malice to keep going. The Mistress touched her face and smiled but did not move. Holly finally broke down and begged, "I will do anything Mistress, please don't stop."

The magic word "Anything" was exactly what Mistress Malice was waiting to hear and she couldn't help but lick her full blood red lips at the promise of things to come. She leaned in and whispered in Holly's ear. "I will watch as you put your husband's dick into a chastity belt, and then you will watch as my guards weld the key hole on the lock of it closed forever." "What if I don't," asked Holly." "Well, if you don't, your husband is going to get the torment of watching all of my manly studs fuck you with their ten inch cocks one by one as you scream for mercy, and if you thought I was rough, just imagine being fucked by boys who haven't had snatch in a few months savagely fucking your sweet little pussy. Think about your husband watching helplessly as you are used and abused over and over."

A few minutes later, Holly was explaining to Jim how she loved him. That she was making him a cuckold slave for his own good. He sobbed, as he couldn't believe serving Mistress Malice was not only costing his dick but his wife too. After Jim's useless dicklette was secured the Mistress commanded that the guards also blindfold him as she herself was busy collaring Holly and attaching the leash like chain that connected to the collar to a metal ring screwed into the floor. Holly panted in anticipation of finally being allowed to take Mistress Malice's strap-on again. "Well slave girl, since you called me a evil bitch, it's time to show you what an evil bitch I can be. You're going to take a double penetration. While, I take your ass, one of my pony boys will get sloppy seconds on your pussy."

Holly's eyes opened in disbelief as one of Mistress's boys came out sporting a throbbing ten inch erection. "You said you wouldn't let them fuck me Mistress." "No I said I wouldn't throw you in the pit with them and let them all take you as your husband was forced to watch in misery," she said with a evil laugh. "Since he was blindfolded he would not have been forced to see anything that's going to happen to you, but since you dared to question me, we'll make him watch now as you service my fuck toys. Guards remove the blindfold so he can enjoy watching as his wife is fucked by my stud." The well hung stud boy laid on the ground waiting as the guards removed Jim's blindfold before forcing Holly onto the stud's throbbing erection at the command of Mistress Malice. Once on, the Mistress pushed her well lubed dildo deep into Holly's ass for the very first time. Holly felt totally violated and tried to escape their hold, but Mistress started to pound her even harder in return as she said, "Keep squirming, and you'll just make my slave boy cum even harder."

A few minutes passed and Holly felt a something she had never felt before. She wasn't sure what happened at first but her husband knew. He knew within a millisecond. Looking on her husband watched helpless. His tears hit the floor as he closed his eyes trying to block out the images of his wife being defiled by Mistress Malice's stud, but soon Holly loudly cried out and he could not help but open them again. He looked at the face of the stud slave as his wife orgasmed yet again. The stud was buried ball deep into his wife and had just made the face that Jim as a man knew all too well. He recognized the face because it was the same one he made. It was the exact same face that Jim himself made whenever he had been allowed to cum in shame kneeling before Mistress Malice. He spent the rest of the wedding night watching boy after boy make the same face as they took turns with his wife's mouth, ass, and virgin pussy until morning, but the worse part was when he looked at his wife's own face and saw how much she was truly beginning to love being fucked by every man in the house but him.

Cuckold Castration, A Lesson In Fear Play - By Pa Guy - Submitted 09-08-2006
I felt fortunate. Mistress Malice was considering taking me on as a new slave boy. She scheduled a play session for us in her dungeon. I arrived at her dungeon and was promptly met by two of her hand servants. They said very little as they escorted me downstairs. The servants appeared to be female. Yet seemed rather odd at the same time. They had me strip down naked and took my clothing. They put leather cuffs around my wrists and hoisted the chains they were attached to raising my hands and arms above my head. I was almost forced up on my toes as the chains raised my arms up by the wrist cuffs. Once stretched, they quickly locked cuffs around my ankles securing me to the floor too. The final step was to place a blindfold over my eyes and put ball gag in my mouth, strapping it around the back of my head. Then I was told to wait. In the darkness that enveloped me, I waited.

Time passed, it seemed like days, it could have been hours, I lost track of time after awhile. When it felt like my arms were ready to break off from body, due to being chained above my head for so long, I heard footsteps. The sound of footsteps coming down the steps. I could hear a set of heels hitting the basement floor along with more clumsy steps behind it. I heard a chain hitting the ground too.

Mistress Malice's voice could be heard now, "That may be your replacement cuckold." I heard a muffed gagged voice trying to speak in response back to her. "Roll the bed out here in front of our new slave so he can hear what's going on and handcuff the cuckold boy to the bed posts, hand and foot, we don't want him escaping," Mistress said. She then whispered some instructions to one of her hand servants. The servant came over to me and leaned to my ear and said, "Mistress Malice is going to pleasure herself with her cuckold slave, and you shall be permitted to listen but not to see." I didn't know what to think as I could hear a noise of four wheels rolling across the floor. The noise quickly giving way to the sound of hand cuffs being snapped into place.

Since I was blindfolded, I couldn't see what was taking place in front of me. I later learned why I was blindfolded for most of the session. Had I been able to see, I would have been even more horrified at what was taking place in front of me. Mistress Malice's cuckold slave was laid out on a mattress with a rollaway cot with thick iron bedposts at each corner with his wrists and ankles handcuffed to the four corner posts. Mistress Malice stood over him. Wearing a black corset, her breasts ready to burst out of it. A black thong along with stockings, the tops of which peaked out over her thigh high boots. Black evening gloves stretched up her arms. Cigarette in one hand, riding crop in the other. The slave boy, her cuckold looked up her, naked with only gag in his mouth and locked in a chastity belt.

Finishing a drag off the cigarette she said in a uplifting tone, "Well slave boy, today's the day you no longer have to be my cuckold slave. For five years I've kept you in that chastity belt, not one hard on in five years, and no cumming.. well unless you count all of that cum you dripped out of your limp steel encased dick when I fucked you in the ass with my strap-on." She went on in a forceful tone, "Now, you no longer have to be a cuckold, if you promise to do anything for me. Now take his gag out," she ordered. "Will you do anything for me slave boy?" "Yes," replied a quivering voice.

She smiled and opened a metal lock box and took out a key. She held the key out and dangled it on front of him. "Will you do anything to make me happy slave boy?" "Yes," replied the sub in now a stronger voice. She took the key and placed it in the lock on the chastity belt and gave an evil grin as she turned the key. She slide the lock off tand slowly took off the chastity device that had imprisoned him for the last five years. He went fully erect in no time at all. Feeling free for the first time in years. She grabbed his shaft and in a disappointed voice said, "Still only six inches". He started to thank his Mistress but she covered his mouth with her gloved hand.

She pulled her thong aside showing herself fully to him. She then climbed over the mattress and straddled his face placing her pussy to his waiting mouth. "Worship Me," she commanded. He wasted no time and started lapping at her moist pussy. While he pleasured her, she took her riding crop in her and started to smack his cock and balls. She let out grunts but did not stop. "Good boy," she would say as he would not stop licking her after each crop hit.

After she had enjoyed herself enough, she leaned down slowly, sliding her hands down his naked body until they rested on his thighs. Now in a sixty nine position on top of him. She grabbed his shaft with one of her hands and brought his cock to her mouth. She was close to orgasm at this point. To put her over the top, Mistress Malice decided to place her cuckold's cock into her mouth. Instead of giving her slave any pleasure though, she decided instead to bite the head of his cock. He stopped his oral worship as he yelled in pain. His cry of pain sent Mistress Malice into a wonderful orgasm. Once she bite the shaft of his cock for good measure. Feeling him struggle below her made the warm sensation overwhelming her even better. She rose and stood in front of him. "Thank Me bitch," she commanded. He nodded his head. She grabbed the riding crop and smacked his cock where she had bitten it. "I said thank Me bitch boy." "Thank you Mistress".

"Awww does it hurt," she asked in a girly voice. "Want me to make it better?" He said, "Please anything Mistress". She made him beg for relief of the sting she gave him. After his begging pleased her, she took out a leather cock ring. She put the ring around his cock and balls and snapped it snug into place. Once snapped, she straddled him in a cow girl position. Grabbing his dick and placing up against her moist slit she said to him sultry voice, "This is going to the first and last time I fuck you." With that she shoved his hard cock into her. His eyes rolled into the back of his head and he moaned. The only thing preventing him from cumming was the cock ring. Fully interested now, she leaned into towards him. "Fuck Me," she commanded. "How? You're on top" he said. She slapped him across the face before he could stop. He then started to thrust up into her as far as his bound body would allow him.

Licking her lips she started to ride him. Once they had a grove going, she unhinged her corset in the front. He looked up at her to see her beautiful breasts coming out of the corset. He couldn't believe it, after five years he was having a rare treat Mistress Malice normally reserved only for her pony slaves with their ten-inch cocks. She leaned in and whispered to him, "Remember how you said you'd do anything for me, boy?" He muttered a yes in between his moans. Feeling the intense pleasure of thrusting into his Mistress. "After you cum, I'm castrating you," she said in a bubbly delight. "WHAT?!?!," he shouted as he stopped thrusting up between her booted thighs.

Mistress Malice not losing a beat grabbed a long shiny knife off a tray beside the bed. Putting it up to his throat, she told him harshly, "You stop fucking me and we'll do it the hard way." He went back to fucking her, trying his best to please her with his frantic thrusting. A shocked and scared look came over his face. "Actually I'm going to cut your cock off too," she told him. He started to try and form words to beg her for mercy, but she placed her other hand over his mouth. She now begin to ride his cock harder. She looked down at her frightened slave. "You have been living in agony for five years now and I'm taking it away, you should thank me."

Tear started to well into his eyes. She kept her hand over his mouth but began bucking him harder and harder. He wanted to cum so badly yet knew his fate if he did. Maybe, just maybe if he held back and didn't cum his Mistress would allow him to keep his pathetic little penis. He started to think that maybe she would get tired and put him back into his chastity belt for another day. As he started to clam down, she paused. Taking her hand off his mouth and at the same time using the other hand reaching down. He could see what she was about to do. "Oh God no," he shouted as he watched her unsnap the cock ring.

Mistress Malice let out an 'mmmmmmm' in delight as she could feel herself being filled with warm ooze from her cuckold. For a few seconds her slave boy was in another world as he orgasmed and ejaculated into her. After a minute of coming down Mistress Malice laid on top of her slave and pressed her lips onto his. Kissing him deeply. She got up and said, "Since you were a good boy, I'll let you watch me cut it off, just try and focus on my bare breasts and think about the cum dripping out of me". One of her hand servants handed her what looked like huge bolt cutters. She placed the sharp edges of the cutters to the miserble slave's semi erect penis and started to push on the long handles. "Final words before I take it off dear?" He just looked up at her in disbelief, "but I love you, please don...." his muttering was cut off by his screams.

I couldn't see anything happening in front of me but I had heard it all. I wasn't even acknowledged until after the screaming slave had been rolled away on his cot. I could feel Mistress Malice touch me and say, "I suddenly have an opening for a new cuckold slave". I couldn't move and I couldn't speak. I felt her hands work around my hardening cock. In a delighted voice I heard her says, "Looks like you're six inches too, perfect". All I could do was listen and feel. As she talked further, I felt a cold metal tube going over my cock. "This is his old chastity belt I'm putting on you, he won't need it anymore," she said with a giggle.

As the lock clicked closed on the lock of the chastity belt she whispered. "Don't worry boy, I won't keep you in it forever, I'll even let you cum some day. Just remember, you're going to dread the day you cum." She pressed her body against me and took the gag out of my mouth and kissed me deeply. She held me close to her, and pressed her body against me even tighter, kissing me. "Do you have anything to say for yourself?" she asked. Emotions swirled in my head but I could only reply, "I love you Mistress Malice".

"Good," she said. "Now I need to put my corset back and get your collar". Her hand servants had already started undoing my wrist and ankle cuffs. "Your first job as my cuckold is help me put on my strap-on on. I'm going to rape you like the little bitch that you are," she said sounding business like. I simply replied, "Yes Mistress Malice".

Worship Services - By Peter Peon - Submitted 05-29-2006
My mind fills with thoughts of what worship services in The Unholy Church of Malice might be like...

When I close my eyes I imagine a candlelit room with a raised podium. A throne in the center for Mistress Malice, of course. On Her right side, at a lowered level, a spot for Her altar boy, Lil Dirty to kneel beside Her. On Her left, one more step down, a place for Sarah Lynn to kneel until called upon. As the church grows, more and more followers fill the room to listen to the dark sermons of the founder. You are beautiful as You share Your message. A long black robe draped over Your tight blue corset, with Your creamy white breasts flowing as they seem ready to burst out. The high heeled boots accentuate Your already imposing stature as Your presence controls the room.

After Your sermon, it is time for Your acolytes to receive communion. Lil Dirty and Sarah Lynn accompany You to the rows of followers who are kneeling to receive the blessing of Your spirit. You approach each in turn and look down at their upturned faces, and open mouths. As they say "Spirit of Malice", You spit into their waiting and eager mouths. You will now flow through them until the next service, a small part of You flowing within them now. As Your mouth dries, You sip from the wine that dirty and Sarah Lynn carry to refresh You. By the end of the service, You are feeling the warmth and glow from Your refreshment. Your followers are told to go in lust, Malice be with them, til only the handful of Your inner circle remains.

You call for Your fuck slaves to gather around You, as You lie down on a huge bed in the side chamber. They begin to worship Your body as they remove Your vestments, while the rest of us poor souls can only watch mesmerized and wish it was us that were allowed to touch your divine body. As they begin to rotate, each in turn suckles at Your breasts before sinking his offering into You. You drain them of their seed until Your passion begins to be satisfied. You then look down at the rest, kneeling at the foot of Your bed and spread Your legs. As You hold Your beautiful thighs apart with Your painted nails contrasting with Your white thighs, You tell the, "Come, eat from Me. This is My body. Eat from it and you will grow in spirit".

Your orgasms are darkly divine as Your supplicants feed from You and You feel Your power increase. As they finish, and You are helped to Your feet, one lucky acolyte will receive the final part of the service. You stand regally with Your hands on Your hips, legs spread wide in a stance of power. As You point to the chosen follower, he lies on his back beneath You. He fights not to miss a drop as Your divine nectar mixed with the remaining juices from Your devotion begins to stream into his mouth. "Drink from Me. Drink all of Me. I will wash away the restraints of the world, and you will become complete in Service of Me".

To be that chosen one is a goal we shall all aspire to...

Mistress Malice's Basement - By Atomic Punk - Submitted 10-13-2005
he groans, tries to move, but can't.

As the world spins into existence around him, he shifts his head, he's lying on his back on a table still naked, arms stretched hard over his head, wrists tied tightly together, secured to something beyond his hands. Legs are wide apart, and, as he rolls his head, he sees that his ankles are bound, with an overkill of rope, to two heavy steel rings welded to the long table's foot.

Suddenly he is wide awake, and takes a moment to glance around this room, his new prison. With gradually mounting dread, he tips his head backwards to look along the line of his own, bare, upstretched arms. his bound wrists are linked, by a half-metre of rope, to a winch at the table's head, connected by gears to a simple crank. She stands over the table, skirt high on her downy thighs, bare arms and shining shoulders beneath the fluorescent lights. She smiles down at him as She takes hold of the crank, and turns it. With a soft click, the winch beyond his hands rolls over a notch, then another, then another. The rope pulls on his wrists: he is dragged fractionally across the table, until his ankles jam against their restraints. Oddly, he is most of all aware of the sound: the very distinctive squeaking and creaking of the rope. he realises he is being tortured, but it seems unreal, like some fairytale kind of torture, and he wonders if he is supposed to be in pain already. she turns the crank again, a half-turn for every notch, and even though his feet are firmly moored, his wrists are pulled a little closer to the winch: a physical stretching of his body that he can feel all along his limbs, all through his torso.

She tightens the winch again, and his body is stretched. he tries to fight it, but every muscle is already taut. This is beyond mere physical strength: it's machine against tendons and ligaments. he realises with growing nausea that he will suffer whatever torment she chooses to inflict upon him no matter what. She cranks him two more notches, and as he stretches, his ribcage is lifted by the tension, the ropes biting his wrists and ankles.she took her place next to his stretched, bound body. now i am going to torture you with arousal and pleasure he squirmed as she stroked his torso seductively.

Her manipulation of his body was causing him to ache with the pain of sexual excitement. he could feel her gentle touch, a lover's touch, and his body responded involuntarily, becoming aroused The sinewy muscles of his legs and taut torso twisted under his skin as She continued stroking him even as he tried to resist her. She knew where to touch him, where to stroke his skin and stimulate the response She wanted.

She traced circles around his chest, centering on each nipple, then down his belly, stroking the width of his hips just below his bellybutton, between his pelvic bones, then sliding her palms along his flanks, top to bottom, and kneading the skin like a masseuse, Her fingers raked across his ribs and his tummy, leaving faint lines from the pressure, then her nails danced lightly across his arms and shoulders, then continued down towards his hips. he shuddered at her tickling, his gleaming skin trembling at her touch, he lifted his head to encourage her touch, but he was bound tightly to the rack, stretched across its frame, and such movement was difficult. Helpless, he lay his head back and closed his eyes, welcoming the feeling of her hands upon his skin. He ached with pleasure She slid her fingertips lightly up his sides, bringing a giggle from her captive. Suddenly She sank her fingers into his ribs, digging deeply and bringing a helpless yelp from her captive man.

She began to slowly scrape her nails down the smooth, flat plain of his belly. She kept scraping and scraping and scraping, each time harder than the last, each time swirling her fingers in a new, more ticklish location. She searched the curves of his belly, locating every delicious little wellspring of sensation as he wriggled and mewled under her ministrations, and then he went completely wild when She began to tickle in earnest. Her fingers flew in all directions, scraping and scratching, whirling like dervishes over his tightly pulled torso. Over and over his belly, investigating every curve and crevice. Her fingernails skittered up his ribs, massaging them one by one and bringing howls of ecstatic pleasure from Her victim as Her fingers drove him wild. "Having fun?" She cheered, grinning widely while the poor man could only howl his helpless giggles in response. She laid her whole forearms against his chest and began to tickle again, he lost it. His body bucked and strained. Sensual Female fingers made jelly of him through his ribs and belly. The poor man couldn't strain very far, and the feeling of helplessness drove him to the very brink of insanity. He couldn't escape! For long minutes, Her fingers explored his torso, delving into dimples in between ribs and torturing his poor navel like a savage beast. Her fingers swirled down from his ribs to his belly, and began to brush against the straining knob on the end of his penis. he gasped, his voice reaching an interesting octave when that happened.

"Oh?" She asked coyly, "do you like that?" She began to slide Her left hand up and down the shaft. The arousing caress of Her hands sent bolts of pleasure speeding through his body like lightning. She smiled at his expression and tightened Her grip, stroking him firmly over and over again as he gasped and watched her fingers work with an aplomb that would have done a surgeon proud. She insinuated a finger of her other hand into his navel and began to wiggle it. She tortured both his belly and his penis at the same time. Good Heavens! He felt like he was going to die! "Gonna come?" She asked. He managed to nod frantically as Her hand grew bolder, longer in its strokes and threatened to finally push him over the edge. His body bowed up tight as he felt a surge of hot pressure begin to build, and then She released him and pulled Her hands away. he could scarcely grasp it. So close!

"What?!" he cried.

"No," She purred,

"No!" he howled, " She then dug her fingers back into his ribs again. he howled now, overcome with the ticklish sensations as he fought for freedom. His laughter was a squeal now, almost silent in its intensity as those practiced, artistic hands played him like a finely tuned instrument.

At long last, she drew her fingers down his ribs back to his inflamed penis. She giggled lightly rubbing his organ as once more the heat built up within him. A twinge of pain, like a single thorn, pricked at the base of his member as he grew closer to orgasm. He began to repeat her name again and again, praising and loving and begging and thanking Her as he felt his genitals pull up tight, and a surge of power rumbled from somewhere deep within his belly, threatening to tear him apart with its intensity. He ground his teeth... he held his breath... And She stopped again. he screamed. She attacked his ribs and belly again.

On it went before She finally stopped teasing him. If he had been able, he would have left his skin.

When he sees her, free and beautiful, he begs "please ..."

She draws close, bends over to whisper into his ear. "No."

"I have forced you to experience the torture of being stretched and the torture of pleasure and now I am going to torture you with in different way that I think will be fun. I am going to leave you here for a very long time. It makes me so hot to know that you are My prisoner here and you can't get away.

"No!" he shrieks. "Oh, god, no! i'll do anything! Please! Anything at all! Oh, please! you can do anything to me, but don't leave me stretched! I can't take any more, I can't!"

"I think you can take a little more," she says. "No, no, no, please, oh, please.

"Bye sweetie, dont you go anywhere"

And with that, She left him.

Lying stretched and exposed. The torque on his body is constant, traction between moored ankles and roped wrists, his bare arms pressing on either side of his head. he is cruelly aware of his nudity in the chill air, the hairs along his arms and thighs standing on end, his naked flanks peppered with gooseflesh. he begins his first earnest attempt to escape. he turns his ankles, tugging on the ropes that bind them to the metal rings, but to his frustration he is too tightly drawn to get any leverage. Next, tipping his head back, he tries to twist his hands. his fingers stretch and flutter for the knots about his wrists, and when that fails, he simply tries to wrench his hands from their bonds.

he fights the ropes for an hour, but, finally, he surrenders to his bondage, and lies, stretched out.

Another hour passes. When, on occasion, he lifts his head, it is to see the plain of his ribcage, his belly beyond, shining in the powerful overhead lights. his leg muscles drawn to deffinition, stretching to opposite corners of the rack's base, his feet helplessly sticking up beyond the tight bindings that moor them. he lets his head drop back. His own arms form a tight frame on either side of his face, drawn harshly upwards by the tension on his body. he closes his eyes. Stretched on this rack with the winch locked in place, he is truly helpless. If nobody ever comes back, he would die of thirst lying there naked, unable to do a thing to save himself.

4 hours.

After a time, his fear begins to wane, replaced by a numb sense of resignation. he is Her prisoner, he can do nothing to free himself, nor does he feel any obligation to try, any more. his position on the rack is almost comfortable. he can feel the muscles of his back and legs loosening, the gentle stretching action quite pleasant. so many hours after She tightened the rack, however, things begin to change. Turning his head to regard the pale horizon of his tautly-upstretched arm, he sees the bristling of tiny hairs, the coarse texture of goosebumps, The cool air biting into his lifted ribcage, invading the intimacy between his legs, his open armpits.

"Somebody? Please?" he calls towards the door, but nobody comes.

he tries again, after perhaps five hours, to free himself: managing to angle his head back between his upstretched arms, flexing his fingers for the knots at his wrists. They are utterly beyond reach, and even if they weren't, he would never be able to unpick them. he gives a single whimper of frustration. six endless hours after She left, She returns. She seems delighted to see him in such discomfort, and slowly circles the rack he moans and whimpers, his fingers, curled and useless beyond the tight ropes, he can grasp nothing that might ease his suffering. his toes flex helplessly in the air. She is torturing him for fun. She wants nothing more than the power to inflict pain on him.

Ronnie's Meeting With Mistress Malice - By Novice Ronnie - Submitted 06-23-2004
Mistress Malice emerges wearing a black ensemble, her dark hair tucked tastefully behind her ears. She greets me by demanding I strip down to nothing. She has a leash in her hand and places it around my neck. I am shaking, she then places a blindfold over my eyes. She says " you must also prove to me that you are truly worthy of this journey. You will deny me nothing. This is your final chance to change your mind. If you feel you are not ready or worthy of this journey beg now for your release and never come back here again. I will count to five. After the last count of the number five you agree to stay and to submit to the journey at any capacity I see fit."

"Yes Mistress Malice I understand, I say." She starts the countdown very slowly while watching my body tremble and stiffen. When she reaches to five she says " that is it, you are now my property, you will serve me as I seem fit, serve with commitment and total respect for my feminine ways. Do you understand." "I say yes and then, she says "yes what? " I say yes Mistress Malice.

Her hands touch my naked flesh. I jump and then I am calmed under her gentle touch. Her nails lightly scratch me..softly and then harder leaving a trail of red color. My cock is raging hard and pointing towards the ceiling. Her hand makes it's way down to my crotch and with a firm grip she grabs my cock and squeezes as hard as she can. I dare not scream and disappoint her. "What is this?" She is close to me whispering in my ear. She eases the grip then she squeezes again with all her might. "Worthless it is but it still belongs to ME! It's MY cock! Remember that, each time you think you're going to touch it or use it without my permission!"

She then leads me into a room where she says I will be given a complete look over. I am told to get up on a table, raise my legs and she places them into a harness like device. Ties my hands up, fastens my body to where I am unable to be mobile at all. The physical will be like a woman experiences at the Gynecologist. Mistress Malice thoroughly examines every inch, touches and feels her new property. She takes a specula and places it deep into my ass, stretching open a hole very big. She then decides to inspect inside with a big dildo. Once the anal examine is complete she shoves a anal plug into my ass to secure the area for later observation and exploration with any device she seems fit. She then procedes to give attention to my nipples and cock, or should we say her property.

"Tell me that you adore me! Beg me to use you at any capacity I see fit!" say Mistress Malice The examine is over and she unties me, removes the anal plug, tells me to sit up, then she removes the blindfold. She looks into my eyes and says "Do not disappoint me. "

She turns and walks towards a reclining chair and sits down. Once comfortable she instructs me to crawl to her. "You will lick my body, you will begin at my feet. You will learn to give me pleasure and you will focus on my pleasure and my pleasure alone. It is important for you, ronnie, to learn how to give without conditions. How to offer pleasures and comfort to a woman unconditionally. My pleasure should be your main concern. It is only this way that you will really learn how to give the ultimate pleasure to a woman." She spreads her legs, reaches down, grabs my hair and slowly instructs me to go up her leg and into her thigh. I can smell the scent of her holiness and although my body is still weak and my cock rages once more, I feel the warm sensation that penetrates my soul knowing that I am closer to my destination. I feel a knot of subjugation welling in my throat and the hair on my head feels alive. Mistress Malice moves me into her wetness...the holiest of holy places where all life comes from. The place where all men long to return.

I taste the sweetness of her essence and I can feel her entire being. I feel my heart center beginning to open as I focus solely on her pleasure. She then says "You are about to receive the ultimate gift. The nectar of my feminine core that has been harvesting in my body... waiting for this moment. You will not waste one drop. " If you do, your punishment will be so harsh that it is unexplanable, do you understand. She then places my face deep into her and I my mouth nuzzles to create suction. Small drops leave her vagina. Sweet and salty they emerge from the soft folds of her altar. I drink and as I do my center completely opens. I feel my body expand and there is a sensation shooting from my heart. Not a drop is wasted.

She lifts up and gently pets my head and says. "Now we shall begin your training, now that you have learned to totally focus on me and not on yourself. Since you have followed my every command as instructed, you will be allowed to cum but I will do it for you because once again, it is my cock. Once again she instructs me to get back up on the table and raise my feet in the air. She takes a tube of Ben Gay and lubes my ass up with Ben Gay along with the anal plug. She plunges the plug deep as it will go. Her laugh is terrifying yet so erotic. She then secures me to the table to where I am unable to move and places a gag ball in my mouth. I am starting to get chills and shake. She then takes a rubber glove and puts it on her hand with a glob of Ben Gay and starts to stroke the cock so hard, so furious. Her eyes turn red and she is in a fury as she strokes the cock so fast. It feels like it could snap as she is also pulling on it so hard, totally using it to her satisfaction. She tells me to cum and not to stop until she says so. The cum just explodes all over and yet she still is not stopping the stroking, the pulling. If anything she does it harder and faster. I get to the point of almost blacking out and it is then that I can see deep inside of her soul and I know I am hers and hers only. I am absorbed inside of her body. When I regain some sort of awareness, she unties me and tells me to clean up the cum with my tongue, removes the anal plug and tells me "You have just made it through your first training session, next time will be even better for me, and if you do as well as you did today, your reward will be to pleasure me again, not yourself"

Brain Dead Billy Fucks Up Again - By Brain Dead Billy - Submitted 05-08-2004
Sweat trickled down Billy's forehead, around his eyes, down his cheeks where it mixed with the now steady flow of tears that ran down his sobbing face. Billy was naked as usual, as demanded by his young, beautiful, cruelly sadistic Mistress. The only time he was allowed any clothes on at home was when she found some ridiculous looking outfit to make him wear. On those occasions, of course, she would invite some of her equally sadistic friends over to ridicule and abuse him. Thankfully this evening only his wife's sister was here to laugh at and mock him during his punishment.

Mistress Malice had warned him before about being very careful and thorough when he hand washed her delicate panties, bras and stockings. She had told him the punishment would be severe if he left even one small yellow, brown or red spot on her panties, or any runs in her stockings. He always tried so hard to be thorough but these particular panties were a shade of brown mesh and it was hard to distinguish between the actual colour of the panties and the small brown spots that her bottom left. Couldn't she see that?

Oh how he wished his Mistress was more understanding when she did her panty inspections. He still remembered clearly when, during her weekly inspection of her underthings, his Mistress held these panties up to the spotlight she set up just for these inspections and suddenly, through clenched teeth and with that evil sadistic look on her face little Billy had come to dread she spat, "What is this spot I see on my panties, dolt". Mistress Malice then grabbed Billy by his hair and held his face right up to her panties and got her face inches from his. "You are going to regret your lackadaisical effort today boy !!" she spat. He was visibly shaking and was trying really hard to see the spot he had left but no matter how hard he squinted and stared he couldn't see it. No matter, what mattered was Mistress Malice had seen it. "Please Please Mistress Malice, I worked really, really hard on these panties and scrubbed the bottom panel extra even ! I just missed this one small spot, it must have been an extra tough spot, I'm sorry Mistress Malice, please have mercy, please ?? ".

Mistress Malice's eyes' became small slits as she could hardly control her anger, " Are you saying I have a dirty ass you little maggot ??", "Are you saying I don't know how to wipe my own ass?", she said, her voice raising with each question. "Are you, a dirty little worthless piece of toilet scum, trying to tell me that I run around with a filthy smelly ass?, well are you ?" She screamed.

"Nooo, Noo Maam ", little billy begged as his eyes started to well up in tears. He so feared his wife, he knew if she was this angry his punishment could be unimaginable. Billy sobbed, "No Maam I'm sorry Maam, sniffle, poo-poo for brains (he wasn't allowed to say shit) was just trying to explain how stupid he was for not cleaning Mistresses panties good enough. Please punish me Mistress, please !!" His sobbing and begging went on for several minutes until finally Mistress Malice seemed to calm down a bit. "Alright good for nothing, you are going to get a strapping of 100 lashes every half hour for the next 3 hours. During that entire 3 hours you will be holding my panties up with your worthless nose. If my panties hit the floor we start over, got it billy boy?", Mistress Malice questioned. "yes yes oh thank you Mistress Malice, thank you." billy said.

He was on his knees, on the floor in the guest bedroom,the offending pair of Mistress Malice's very sexy, beautiful silk panties pressed tight between his nose and the sofa bed. His butt was covered with deep red and purple stripes, every now and then the cheeks would quiver on their own from the severe welts and swelling of his bruised buttocks. he just passed the 2nd hour mark, only 2 more 100 lash sessions. Mistress Malice's sister-in-law had stopped by in the middle of his punishment and mocked and laughed at him,"Awww, is little billy getting his butt beaten again? What did you do this time stupid, didn't suck one of Mistress Malice's lover's cocks good enough, hahahaha". billy didn't answer as he had a far more important issue on his mind. "oh no, oh no !" Billy thought to himself. "Their slipping, their slipping, oh please no !" he sobbed,"The panties are slipping". His legs were wobbly and had caused him to move his head around some, causing the panties to start to slip.

Mistress Malice, standing behind billy noticed what was happening. "Don't you dare let those panties fall billy, you know the consequences. If you do you may have to take the whole week off work for your butt to recover from the beating you'll be getting. But thats your choice now isn't it?", Mistress Malice stated. billy's leg started to cramp up, "Oh noooo", billy squealed as the panties hit the floor.

"Well stupid, guess we start over. I'll be back at the next half hour mark, only three more hours to go now. billy wailed and cried uncontrollably.

My Week With Mistress Malice - By Do-It-Micheal - Submitted 05-05-2004
After much online training, i was finally granted a real time session with Mistress Malice. After repeatedly professing that i wanted to be Her slave and play toy, She finally allowed me a real time session but warned that i had to spend a week with Her as Her slave. Mistress Malice required me to put on a chastity device two weeks ago, and to continue wearing it when i came for the real time session. i arrived late in the evening. As i rang Her doorbell, i felt very excited but was also very nervous.

" you are to come in and completely strip, and put on the items I have on the floor for you." She Said.

As i entered, i hardly got a glimpse of Her before She left the room. i quickly undressed, and put on the leather wrist and angle cuffs, and the leather collar She had left for me on the floor. When She returned, She locked my wrists to the O-rings on the collar, and had me kneel with my face staring directly at Her crotch.

Leaning in close she speaks again "you may not look at my Goddess face, slave. you may only stare at the temple between my legs where you are going to spend a week of devotion. I'm going to have so much fun this week! And you, well you are going to learn what its like to be a real slave. Maybe you'll learn to control your erotic thoughts too when you're with Your Goddess,"

She laughed sadisticly as the chastity device contained my excitement.

She brought me into Her dungeon where She repositioned me and the locks so i was secured on the floor on all fours. "Oh I like that!", She laughed.

The walls of Her dungeon were covered with bondage toys. She said, "you're such a good slave, i'm going to give you a taste of me." i wanted to be Her oral slave and got real excited when She said this. But She walked to the Her toys and removed a gag and harness from the wall. my stomach felt queasy as i saw the large funnel on the harness. "Open wide." She inserted the gag with the attached funnel into my mouth and secured the straps of the harness around my head and to attachments on the floor. i could not move my head, and could barely look up. She lifted Her skirt and squatted over the funnel. She peed like what seemed forever. "Why such an unhappy look on Your face? Don't worry, by the end of the week I'm sure you will develop a taste for all My golden nectar."

She removed the funnel gag, and then Mistress Malice repositioned me on to a special chair She had in Her dungeon. i was strapped in again unable to move, but this time i was laying on my back with my legs spread wide. "you are so lucky, my dear. When my slaves call me for phone sessions, I always get turned on as they perform for me. I get very hot and bothered. Usually I'm here alone and have to take care of things Myself. But this week is going to be different. Every time I do a phone session, it will be your job to see to my needs. And Your tongue better not get tired." Before i could start thinking about what a thrill it would be to please the Mistress that way, She went to Her rack of toys and took some things off the wall and said, "By the way, did I mention that you are going to be trained that this is ALL for My pleasure, little slave? These things here will help you forget about your own pathetic needs and spend every moment focussing on Me."

Mistress Malice removed the chastity device that i had been wearing. She then removed Her dress. Just then the phone rang. "That must be my slave scheduled for 8 o'clock". Mistress Malice then positioned Herself on my face. The special dungeon chair i was secured to was designed so that Mistress Malice could sit comfortably while the slave could not move. She was sitting so i could only see Her ass cheeks. i started to lick Her as best i could. i could not hear what She was saying to the caller. She rocked back and forth as She spoke. i could hardly breathe. Suddenly there was burning pain as She put a clothespin on each of my nipples. i squirmed and tried licking Her as fast and deep as i could hoping i could satisfy Her so i could stop. But She kept on gyrating on my face. As She continued talking on the phone She put clothespin after clothespin on my shaft. She flicked the clothespins bringing me to tears as i tried to control the pain.

Finally, She had a huge discharge and sprayed all over my face. She then stretched out on a recliner and told the caller he must do the assignments and report back in one week. When She hung up the phone, i meekly said, "Mistress. Please these clothespins have been on a long time."

"you're such a good little slave, i don't want to risk hurting you." She smiled at my pain as She slowly removed each clothespin. "Would you like some lotion for that sore member of yours?"

"Yes Mistress. Please." As She applied the lotion, there was an intense burning sensation. "Mistress, Mistress. That burns." "But BenGay is so soothing," She laughed. She started rubbing Her crotch as i grimaced in pain. "Your squirming and frowning face made Me hot again. You better get back to work," She said as She positioned Herself on my face again.

The first time i was excited about pleasing my Mistress, but now it was becoming a real chore. i don't know how long She was on top of me. It seemed like forever. Finally She got up. She then put the chastity device back on me. "I don't want You to have any accidents tonight." She released me from the chair, and then secured me on the floor on all fours.

She brought the funnel gag out again. i turned my head away, but She made me wear the gag. She squatted over the funnel. Again, i had to drink all of Her golden nectar. When every drop was gone, She removed the gag. She then took a pair of Her panties, and put them over my head and face. She took some duck tape and taped them to my skin. She then released me from the floor and locked me in a small cage. "I'm tired now and I'm going to bed. You have sweet dreams my little slave. After my morning pee and my morning orgasms, You are going to spend the whole day and evening learning how to be a really good slave. We have so many things to explore. Sleep well!" She laughed sadisticly as She left.

i was tired and wanted to go to sleep, but all i could think about was Mistress Malice and what She had in store for me tomorrow.

Smoking With Malice - By Anonymous - Submitted 04-26-2004
Dressed and fully made-over as my Malice's little sissy slut, hands & arms bound securely behind me, i kneel obediently beside Your shimmering black latexed legs. You sharply slap me across the face and sternly order me to " Pay Attention ! " Nervously i watch as You slide Your sumptuous 120 cigarette from its pack, gently holding it between Your beautifully slender fingers adorning exotically long and perfectly manicured nails. A flick of Your lighter, and i become amorously mesmerized as i watch Your full, wet lips draw long and hard on the slim white filter, staining it with a heavy track of Your sexy lipstick. I love to watch my Mommy open mouth inhale her cigarette smoke, and that's just what You do, softly decsending Your alluring face ever so close to mine. Seductively, almost hypnotically, Your smoldering eyes gaze into mine as You surrealistcally whisper Your sultry smoke into my feminized face.

The fragrant aphrodisia of Your heavenly perfume and Your hot, steamy cigarette breath causes my stiff lil' clitty to jump uncontrollably beneath the soft encasing folds of Your silken panties. Your sleek, dagger like nails gently twist my bra encased nipples, forcing me to go nearly insane with submissive passion. My mind, body, & soul are totally at Your disposal as i begin to beg so pitifully in my effeminatley docile voice for Your hot, searing, two inch long ash. Softly You caress my rouged cheek, Mommy, Your sexy cigarette smoke spiraling hauntingly thru my platinum curls. Then, trembling with passionate devotion, i part my heavily painted lips and widen my ashtray mouth for You.

A tap and a sizzle reward me with Your sweet ash as You order me to " Savor your cigarette ash like a good little sissy ashtray " . That i do, as the entire surrealistic scene overwhelms my senses. As if in a dream, i notice my emasculated reflection in my Mommys' shiny and arousingly skintight latex catsuit, as You summon Your lustful ashtray to " Open! " . You proceed to expectorate Your sensuous smoky spittle into my eager ashtray mouth and command me to " Swallow ! " . How can heaven top this ? , i think, as i notice You reach behind Your chair. You retrieve a latex gas mask with about a two foot ribbed rubber hose protruding from the front. With a wicked grin, You bend forward to slide the mask over Your sissys' thickly painted face, tightening the straps behind. " Now I control what and if you breath, slut ! " . With that, You press Your soft, warm, rubberized leg into my silken, sissified panties. Once again, You draw long and hard on Your Virginia Slims cigarette and display a very sensual open mouth inhale.

With the ribbed hose in one hand, You seductively whisper for me to show You how much i adore and worship Mommy. I'm in absolute awe, as i watch You take the hose and blow Your sadistic smoke into it. My vision clouds, ( Now i AM in heaven ! ) as i vaguely see Your hand holding the cigarette slowly slide over the end of the hose. The sensual scent of Your sexy, incestuous cigarette smoke provokes Your sissy slut into an involuntary spasm of submissive passion. I melt as You stare hypnotically thru the glass lens into my mask. I feel the passionate warmth of Your latex...

And then, a revelation. ----- God is not a man at all. She is YOU, Mistress Malice!

Dead Battery - By Mistress Malice - Submitted 04-08-2004
I sat at my computer sort of thinking but mostly just daydreaming. It had been a week or so since I had really gotten good use out of my live-in sub. I was contemplating his punishment for leaving the cordless phone off of the base and causing me to miss a call to my phone domination hotline. I was considering stuffing him bound and gagged into the closet for an hour and making him balance the phone on his head to remind him of why he was there. The idea made me laugh so I decided that would be his punishment. Then I began to think about it again and how I could make it even worse for him to make sure the lesson really settled into his brain. It came to me that as frustrated I get after a week without a good fuck I know my pet must truly be suffering after not being used for over a week. I smiled to myself as I thought about him the night before obviously trying to make his horniness known and his silent sullenness as he realized he would not be used for at least another night. Smirking sadistically my plan began to materialize in my mind as I thought out each tiny little detail.

I must admit that planning that evening's suffering was making my pussy throb. I will also admit I still feel that slight tingle even as I write this, but back to the story. I was becoming extremely aroused and I still had at least another hour before the live-in was due to arrive home. I found myself casually stroking my clit occasionally as I tried to concentrate on working on my website. It was no use though, I could not keep my mind off of my wet pulsating pussy. Just when I thought I couldn't stand it anymore the slave arrived home from his hard day at work. Immediately I noticed the dust and grime on him from lifting cinderblocks all day to set up a job for the next day. Even sweaty I had to take a moment to admire the form under his white t-shirt. The kitten inside of me wanted to claw him up and fuck him right then & there on the floor, but the dominant inside of me knew he did not deserve such pleasure after costing me a call.

I demanded that he go directly to the shower and clean himself and make himself especially pleasing for me. He knew this meant to shave his head and face and to wash his body in the special soap that he only uses on the occasions that I use his hard dick for my pleasure. I imagine at this point his dick was also throbbing at the thought of getting a chance to feel my warm slickness wrapped around it. As he showered I thought of him soaping his body up with those big hands of his and suddenly I yearned to feel them on my own flesh.

Slipping out of my clothes I pulled my hair back only leaving a few wisps of hair to frame my face and stepped into the bathroom. Sliding the shower curtain aside I stepped into the double sized shower and slid my naked body under the hot spray of water. My slave stood there stupidly in shock not knowing quite how to react. I simply turned my back to him and began to wash my own body with my most expensive body soap and a soft body sponge. Turning towards him I commanded him to take over the duty of washing my body for me and that he use his bare hands to do so.

His eyes lit up as he rushed to grab a handful of soap and began to rub it into a thick lather. Hesitantly with quivering hands he reached out for my body like a little boy afraid of getting his hand smacked. He first took my hand in his own and rubbed the soap onto my skin with gentle circular motions. Relaxing I closed my eyes as I felt his soft touch trace up my arms and then down my sides almost tickling my ribs. He moved his hands over my tummy and up in between my tits. Carefully he avoided any contact to my breasts though his eyes never left the hardening buds of my nipples. I watched him lick his lips as his mouth went dry. He closed his eyes blindly willing away the hardening of his cock.

Of course knowing this I grabbed his cock and seductively demanded he wash "every" inch of my body. He touched the tips of his fingers to my nipples outlining them as he lovingly washed them. Spreading his hands out completely he covered a tit in each and began to massage them slowly. I could hear his breath catch in his throat as I pinched the head of his dick cruelly when he became too lustful in his kneading motions. I used my free hand and took one of his hands and slowly brought it down to the slit of my pussy. Taking his middle finger only I traced the slit gently until he could feel it parting slightly. Dipping his finger between my pussy lips I put it on my throbbing clit and massaged it the way I like it. Letting go of his dick I wrapped both of my arms around his neck for support and wrapped a leg partially around his waist to allow him easier access to my sweet pink pussy. Moaning I enjoyed the movement of his finger as it teased my tight hole. Head moving back and forth and only a second from orgasm I pushed his hand roughly away. I directed him to his knees at the foot of the bed kneeling and he left the bathroom confused to do my bidding.

I rinsed off my body again smiling to myself knowing I am torturing this one greatly. He can take one hell of an ass whipping but denial still damages his little ego. Turning the shower off I go to grab a towel and then decide that's what slaves are for instead. I walked into the bedroom naked with water still rolling down my body. I stood behind him and reached around him to grab the cuffs attached to the foot of the bed on each side. I placed one on each of his arms and made sure they were tight enough to hold him without cutting his circulation off. Indeed I found that they were perfect and I stepped around him and moved onto the bed. Spreading my legs I had him kneeling directly between them. Grabbing the sides of his head I brought his lips to my body near my neck. Softly I whispered in his ear that he would now finish my bath by drying every inch of my body with his tongue.

Hungrily he worked his mouth over my body licking and sucking every surface and crevice. Even the insides of my toes received their fair attention. Not to mention the back of my knees, the beautiful crack of my ass, and even the lobes of each ear. Not an area did he miss other than one. I think he was saving the best for last. Reverently he darted his tongue to my most precious treasure, and the root of all of my smoldering pussy! Hmmmmmmmmm! Licking as if his very life depended on it he teased my pussy until it felt like it would explode over and over again. Just when I felt sure I'd climb the walls, I grabbed the back of his head and shoved it tightly between my thighs locking them into place and rubbed my pussy against his tongue wildly. Screaming for him to "suck my pussy now," I came in his mouth. I demanded he lap up my sweet juices like a puppy, and finally finished by rubbing my pussy over his entire face before allowing him to pull his head from the vise lock grip of my thighs.

With passion filled eyes he rocked back on his haunches still kneeling before me in submission. His body jerked as I ran my hand over his shoulder. Each little nerve in his body was fine tuned to my slightest touch. His eyes begged me to use him as his lips parted slightly in pleasure as I grabbed the length of his cock in my hand. Stroking it I pushed a tiny bead of pre-cum up from the head of his dick and let go. Laughing I stared at his dangling dick for a minute before asking him how bad he wanted to cum. Now as you can imagine he begged like a proper little whore to be allowed the privilege of cumming, and secretly I know he was still hoping to be used by me first. Instead of granting him permission to cum I cruelly smacked him across his cheek and told him how much of a fuck up he's been and how at this rate he will never be allowed to cum again ever. He begged me to reveal his crime to him but I was not ready to do that just yet.

Instead I took the cuffs off and left him there as I went to the living room still naked and grabbed the phone and duct tape. Going back to the room I grabbed his wrists and angrily taped them together, not attempting to be neat about it at all. In-between his hands I slid the cordless phone and I taped them as well leaving the phone trapped between his fingers. Yanking him up by his hair I jerked him over to the closet and threw him into the small dark space on his knees. Leaning into the closet I said only one thing before closing the door for the next two hours...

"Put the phone on the base to recharge when you are done using it dipshit!"

Sissy Dream Date With Malice - By Tv Sarah - Submitted 03-29-2004
This humble sissy named sarah has often dreamt of Mistress Malice, and what it would be like to go on a date with her. In my dreams I get an email from Mistress one night that says...

Due to my recent good behavior She has decided that i will be rewarded, and that she is going to take me on a special sissy date with her this coming up Friday. Of course this sissy must pay for everything and also buy Mistress a new outfit for the date.This was so exciting for me that i did not care about anything else. She told me to pick her up Friday at 8:00 P.M sharp or else! For the rest of the week that was all this sissy could think about.How could i be so lucky as to go on a date with Mistress Malice.

It was Friday morning whe i got a second email from Mistress. She has picked out my outfit for the night. She also commanded that i was to wear my Pink panties and matching bra, Pink blouse which was low cut to show off my new breast, and a sort black skirt with pink stockings and black strap on high heels. I was to also wear my long blonde wig and slutty makeup. She even demanded i have my nails all painted hot pink with black dots.

That afternoon i started my bubble bath, after i had shaved my legs and chest. As Mistress does not like any hair on her sissies. After a nice flowery smelling bath, i painted my toenails and finger nails in a nice pink color with black polka dots as Mistress Malice wishes. This sissy is really happy that Mistress is letting me wear so much pink tonight, as she knows it is my favorite color. After getting dressed and putting on my makeup My little cock is pulled back between my legs,and there is no sign of it with my panties on. With the estrogen i have been taking my chest has grown while my cock has shrunk to almost nothing. i look in the mirror and see a sissy slut looking back. Oh i hope Mistress likes the way her sissy looks. I drive to Mistress' house and get out nervously carefully i walk in black stiletto heels to her doorstep. Once there I ring her door bell and feel my knees begin to shake. As i enter i fall to my knees in front of my Mistress, and i quickly remeber to thank Her for allowing this sissy to see Her and go on a date with Her. Mistress says before we go she has a present for me. She hands me a bag, which i open to find a nice pink butt plug. She tells me to insert it now, and that i will wear it the rest of the night. i thank Her and do as told.This is my first chance to see Mistress as i look up. She is all dress in black. She has a low cut black type vest on and her beautiful Breast were so big and sexy looking. Something this sissie can only dream of having, as mine are small and will never be as nice as Mistress'. There is no doubt that when out everyone will know who is the Mistress and who is the sissy. Her in Her sexy black and me in my sissy pink.

New Year's Eve - By Mistress Malice - Submitted 01-01-2004
7:06 AM - I just got home from a very exciting New Years Eve Celebration. I must admit I am tiny bit drunk and definately exhausted, but I had a total fucking blast! Nothing like the lash of a whip striking a pale white ass at the stroke of midnight to bring in the New Year! I'll write more after a VERY long cat nap and give you all the yummy details!

9:10 PM - Ok I'm finally awake and recovered and as promised I am adding an entry about my activites on New Years Eve. The night was planned by myself and some friends of mine just to be a relaxed get together. Of course though whenever I'm around things just seem to take on unusual twists. Like a moth to a flame I noticed there was this very hot young guy watching me most of the evening who I had not previously had the pleasure of being introduced to. Smiling inwardly I decided he'd be a fun piece of amusement for the evening and I was definately correct. I allowed him to simply admire me and stare at me safely from afar most of the night. Towards midnight I decided that it was time to make my move. Announcing that I would be choosing one male to receive 12 strokes during the countdown to midnight. I looked around the room full of people and finally my gaze rested on the long haired boy who couldn't keep his eyes off me all night. Walking to him there was a sort of silence as if everyone in the room sensed my intent. Reaching him I stopped a foot away and grabbed a handful of his long black locks and wrapped it around my pale hand and dragged his head forward until his ear was posed a breath away from my lips. Whispering seductively I informed him that he was my choice for victim, and that the upcoming public ass whipping was the least of his worries this night. Smiling cruelly I bit the pulse point in his throat before walking back to my seat with him silently following me as I dragged him by his hair. Strangely enough he had absolutely no arguement about this whatsoever. He meekly allowed himself to be led back to my table, where I pushed him to the floor on his knees at my side. I leaned down and whispering once more informed him that this would be his place for the rest of the evening. Right where him and every other male belonged... Kneeling at my feet!

Playing with him I kept him in a constant state of arousal for the rest of the night. I am such a tease and I love to flirt horribly! I found I could not keep my hands off his hair or my teeth off of the back of his neck. Hmmmmmm such a yummy little male morsel of fuck flesh! I couldn't wait for the clock to ring 12 times so that I could leave without offending anyone. The night seemed to drag on endlessly as I watched that damn fucking clock and tried to wait patiently. Those who know me well know that patience is not a virtue of mine so imagine how difficult this was, but never let it be said I do not have some manners!

Finally the witching hour arrived and we began that countdown that has been done by people nationwide for years! We began the countdown at 12 seconds before midnight and as we loudly counted down I delivered a sound swat to my new fuck toy's fine ass with my favorite flogger. After giving him 12 stinging lashes I grabbed him up to stand before me and on that very last second of the year I passionately slipped my tongue between his lips and kissed him until we were both breathless. My friends crowded around us quite used to my unusual public spectacles and applauded! Everyone in that room knew what the final outcome of this evening would be for us, and they were totally correct in their assumptions.

I must admit to being thrilled that the time had finally arrived when I could slip away from the party with my prize. Telling everyone goodbye I couldn't help but notice the knowing glances thrown at me, and the almost envious glances directed at "Jeremy" the male chosen for my amusement. I Found myself smirking smugly as I walked out of the door with my new long haired possession.

Going immediently to my own car I never even bothered to ask about the vehicle he must have arrived in. Hell I didn't fucking care to be honest. Let him figure that out tomorrow was my selfish thought at the time. Opening the passenger door I pushed Jeremy down into the dark interior and directed he undress completely. I must say the shocked look on his face was priceless. He seemed a bit uncomfortable but I would not have my wish to see his body that very moment thwarted. Blushing profusely Jeremy began to nervously strip his clothing off. I made sure he took off every piece before stepping around to my own side of the car. Slipping behind the drivers wheel I paused for a minute to examine him under the soft overhead light. I must say he was definately fuckable even by my very strict standards. Pulling my eyes away from him I started the car and kept my eyes on the road in detached aloofness. I wonder how uncomfortable he felt sitting there in a strange evil woman's car totally defenseless, naked, and seemingly ignored. Reaching my hand out I grabbed his dick and gave it a firm squeeze noting it's phat width and generous length. Licking my lips I asked him to give me directions to where he lived. Taking in a deep breath and finding it hard to think with his cock encased in my powerful hand it took him a moment to finally groan out directions to his apartment...

This point in the story is where I have decided to leave off in the recounting of this fun filled evening. Awwwwwwww you were hoping for the rest of the juicy details weren't you? Hahaha! Too fucking bad! I already warned you that I'm a tease didn't I? ~Grinz~